Am I planning a WHAT!!? Put your seatbelt on! Hillsborough sheriff getting weird.

Hillsboro county deputy got a little weird with me and asked me if I’m planning to do something. It’s just a camera, man.
They can’t out run the scooter. –

My scooter:

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Mavic 2 Pro Drone (Current)
Mavic Pro (filmed this video)
Mavic Battery
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Audio: (Yes for real) This video may not have utilized them
Wind Muff:

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49 thoughts on “Am I planning a WHAT!!? Put your seatbelt on! Hillsborough sheriff getting weird.

  1. You should file a complaint on that Officer for refusing to wear his seat belt. At least then it will be included in his permanent record with that department. It might make the difference between him being promoted or not. Include the video of your interaction because he will likely lie and say that he had it on and you didn't see it. Nice video as always.

  2. Wow.. the cops are not exempt from the seat belt law in Florida (just looked it up).

    In California they're exempted. Some departments have policies that say they're supposed to wear them but in general you don't see a lot of cops wearing seat belts around here.

    Considering traffic accidents are the number one cause of death for cops you'd think they'd be all about the seat belts.

  3. Police training manual, chapter 4, Developing Probable Cause, pg. 2: In the development of Probable Cause for arrest of a subject the officer many times will encounter law abiding citizens exercising their constitutional rights. In these situations the officer may make wild unfounded accusations such as terrorism, drug sales, or just a general suspicion. Although worthless in court the officer may use these as the basis to intimidate, interrogate and even detain the individual.

    What the hell are they teaching these cops "in this day and age"????

  4. Remember the fake rules

    1) undercover cops have to say they’re cops if you ask them

    2) terrorists must admit what they’re doing if directly asked

  5. If only someone had asked Mohammed Atta “you aren’t planing on doing terrorism are you?”

    So many lives could have been saved!

  6. “Today in security news, a terrorist operation was broken up when a cop asked a guy “are you planning terrorism” and the guy said ‘yep, crap I mean no!”

    Said no one ever

  7. Cops don't seem to understand that driving on the wrong side of the road, not wearing a seatbelt, in this day and age where the police are constantly killing unarmed law abiding citizens, is a major security risk for us people who don't want to die. He's already demonstrated that he doesn't care about the law on two occasions, so what is to stop him from just fucking blasting you and claiming that your camera might have been a weapon?

  8. With Iran conflict, started in 1979, we all are possible terrorists in this day and Age. They just need to ban Cameras, guns, and not allow them. Cameras will be 2nd phase in Virginia. after guns and raising taxes.

  9. That cop was going to ask you for your number because he found you attractive, but you pulled out the camera and stopped him from doing it while on film. He will catch you next time

  10. Lol as if a cop is going to do ANYTHING to stop a terrorist attack. That’s hilarious and pitiful

  11. You had em and you let him go. I consider it an insult to be accused of terrorism for filming in public. You did not train anyone today.

  12. I guess I should throw away my camera and phone. Why do they always have to go the worst- case scenario? Terrorism??! "Hey officer, I see you are riding in your car, are you planning on plowing through a bunch of people on a crowded sidewalk anytime soon?" Ridiculous.

  13. This video made no since whatsoever. The ONLY reason I am even commenting on it is because of the fact it seemed to be an unsupported video toward local law enforcement. Put your trust in what is you believe is right. But to not trust the local law enforcement shows me you have trust issues with authority.

  14. The vast majority of terrorism fatalities in the US over the last decade have been caused by white nationalist and other right-wing extremist groups yet cops always bring up Islamic states and groups when talking about terrorism in This Day and Age.

  15. "terrorism" and "suspicious activity". Thank the courts for allowing this nonsense to continue as well as the politicians. Took the federal government hardly any time at all to restrict vaping flavors once some health issues reached the headlines. They're always quick to enact laws, resolutions and regulations that restrict our freedoms, get us into wars or rob us.

  16. Cops violate traffic laws so frequently that it is notable when they actually obey them. Besides the seatbelt, this guy blocked a lane of travel, failed to properly use his turn signal and drove in the opposing lane. All for the lawful activity of public photography. Further, because the video was published, it is a constitutionally protected activity, protected under the Free Press clause of the 1st Amendment.

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