Allen West Goes Full Karen

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I respect Allen West on the whole but this situation really got the best of him and he went full Karen on it and QUICKLY tossed cops under the bus for literally doing their job that he normally applauds them for. Not sure if it’s just emotions or these are his true colors. What do YOU guys think?


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33 thoughts on “Allen West Goes Full Karen

  1. Just for information. I can not pass the heal to test or the balance test and I am only 50.
    I have had both knees and both hips replaced. I also have inner ear issues from working in machine shops.
    That said Mrs West really failed her test. Not sure why she failed but it was a really bad fail.

  2. Title doesn't fit the circumstance. Facts don't support the story as related. She stopped in center lane because there was a semi in front of her. The test was poorly handled by officers. Eyes clear, speech not slurred, didn't stagger. Trouble with balance one one leg over 60 YO after that extended light in the eyes test after dark? Yeah, but surprising? No.

    Did she appear drunk? Not to this observer. Did Col West have reason to be PO'd that his wife was falsely accused? I would be. Appropriate to ask for an apology with a clean blood alcohol test and arrest, leaving their grandchild on scene without a family member present? You bet, my reaction would have been harsher that Col Wests.

  3. You really think that cop did a great job with the field sobriety? She didn't even give clear instruction, she told her to keep walking until she told her to stop and then when Mrs West asked when to stop, she treated her like a moron and sarcastically asked if she was done yet. If that woman, at her age, was drunk enough to go to jail, then I'm drunk when I'm asleep.

  4. I don't think this went the way you thought it would. I'm a sworn peace officer and still believe that was wrong. This officer was a quota hire. I should know, I get them all the time. The quota hire did a horrible job and should be punished. I may have been trained wrong, but I was taught was that we would rather a hundred guilty people go free than one single innocent person go to jail.

  5. Your fellow officer LIED about smelling alcohol. Give all the excuses you want, be we all know he lied because the blood test came back negative. Now you'll excuse the officer's lie, but it is inexcusable. He wanted an arrest and he got it. And he was willing to lie to get it. If he can't accurately smell alcohol, he should no longer be allowed to use that as probable cause for arrest.

  6. This was a political hit. Police chief doubling down on it before testing was completed brought this on. Warriors don't let someone do this to there wife.
    Also she is a stroke victim and stated that during the DUI exam.

  7. Honestly at this point thank god you're no longer a cop, because if you don't see what is wrong with that situation you never should have had a badge in the first place.

    A person was wrongly arrested and you fucks are sitting here going "if anything it proves the process works…"

    The process is supposed to be based on a presumption of innocence you goddamn dunces.

  8. I disagree with you on this one. The cop stopped a woman with minimal reason, performed the stop like trash, and then arrested her for being drunk when she wasn't drunk. I'd be pissed too and that cop should be fired for incompotance.

    Supporting law-enforcement in general does not mean excusing blatant acts of irresponsible and reckless policing. You yourself as a former cop should be screaming that fact – I think it's you who is showing your true colors here by trying to excuse away legitimate anger at an unjustified arrest as being a "Karen.'

    Frankly, fuck you.

  9. Alright I’m going to set aside the West stop for this. This take is bad. DUI/DWI is anything but “black and white” because of officer discretion. You can be arrested under the legal limit because of officer discretion. So cops want the freedom to have the discretion to make the decision that will make a huge difference in someone’s life but they don’t want the accountability that comes with that power when they get it wrong. No, that’s not how this works. If we want this to be a black and white issue then we have to go to zero alcohol or drug content while operating because we know for a fact that different amounts affect people differently so discretion and recommended legal limits have to go.

  10. When I first saw the video he made about what happened to his wife and had the receipts all I could think of is he is acting like most lieutenant colonels I have ever met and think that their rank entitles them and their family to preferential treatment. I have a ton of respect for him and his service in the military but acting like he did and making the demands he did makes retirees especially if they were higher ranking look bad like we are entitled to things because we spent 20 or more years in the military. He did make sure to add in that he was a gubernatorial candidate for Texas which also made him look worse and gave the air of entitlement. This whole thing should have been handled privately and quietly because he is not special or entitled to anything other than his wife having the same due process everyone else should get. I agree he went full Karen and it did nothing but make him look really bad, possibly worse than if his wife were under the influence with a child under 15 in the car. I think was also upset about his grandson being left alone in the car until his daughter was able to get there and get him. If I were a cop and in that position I would have tried to wait as long as I could before taking grandma to jail or wherever to keep the kid calm unless time was of the absolute essence. It was never said how long it was between when the call went out for someone to get the kid and when someone showed up.

  11. Every time I hooked for DUI I made the gut decision, do I believe this person is ok to drive? If the answer was no, you could hook, preach the word of god and call a buddy, lots of options but at the end of the day the same thing I told my rookies when I taught, If right then and there at that moment you feel there is SOMETHING that is impairing the persons ability to safely control a vehicle and the case is ate up in court or they get off or in this case no drugs or drinky. I remember lighting a car up and my LT was with me and after following for SOME time I lit it up and called it in as a simple traffic stop. My LT asked why I didnt call it out as a DUI investigation, I said either they are A drunk or B Old, Lost, Both, Cant drive, all three, tired, there are infinite reasons why people cant drive. Ive never thought about the man hours into a DUI vs other cases, I streamlined ours down to around 1.5-2 hours before I left, but I recall processing scenes with death in less time than a DUI stop

  12. I don't know why careless, hazardous, tired or distracted drivers should be given a pass for endangering lives simply because they are sober. If you can't drive safely then you have no place on the road and should be stopped, and cops shouldn't have to wait until you hurt someone to do so.

  13. That woman should NEVER have been arrested. I'm sorry Mike but the officer and the system are wrong here. The mayor should have to apologize. That will make sure he's breathing down the neck of the chief for this and in turn the chief is going to make proper changes in training. Many officers don't look at being arrested as anything more then an inconvenience for the people arrested and they don't fully understand the impact just being arrested can have on someone's life. If you're arrested for DUI, even though you're never convicted, that can still prevent you from getting certain jobs or even housing because background checks include all kinds of information including arrest records that didn't led to conviction. A prime example of this is you can't get an apt. where I live if you've ever been arrested for DUI. They won't even take your application. Not convicted mind you but just arrested. The options available to this woman can be limited now because of this arrest. This is why this isn't just a simple matter that can be hand waved away. The ideology of "I'm only arresting them not convicting them so It's ok if I make mistakes the court can sort it out later" is the problem here.

  14. I have met Col West in the context of the Rod of Iron Freedom Festival. I've been a commercial CDL driver for 20 yrs. I haven't met his wife. As a spiritual holistic person i noticed a couple things from the video on channel 7 news clip. In the first stop; she was blocked by a semi. She's an elder who is overweight and Latina and, from the report, only had water and lemonade for dinner which sounds like fasting so sometimes(from personal experience) your focus can be less than stellar. Lot's of processing going on. Communication is always key. Imo she should have called someone to come and pick her and the children up and drive the car home. She may have been rattled by the stop and confrontation and again struggle in the decision making process. The officer did her best and so did Mrs West. I think Col West was emotional due to his wife and grandchildren's situation and could have handled it better. So much of the optics these days are political and racial due to leftist globalists pushing divisive narratives which compounds the negative optics. Thanks for your show. LEO's are laboring under constant pressure. The officer was professional and did what was appropriate under the circumstances. My only criticism is the handcuffs probably sop but since she is a responsible citizen not behaving violently; didn't think it was necessary. Pretty sure Mrs West was respectful but i wasnt there

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