All Aboard the Biden and Bernie Race Train!

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Author: rafael.nieves


29 thoughts on “All Aboard the Biden and Bernie Race Train!

  1. I don't know Mike, kind of one sided. I remember Trump's 'don't be too nice' speech a while back, he was referring to MS-13. If his speech just ended there, I would have been fine with it. But then he had to go on to tell officers to let them hit there heads while bringing them in. I'm sure the two people, who asked the questions, had legitimate fears about law enforcement, but they asked the wrong person. I don't think Sanders or Biden were ever police officers.

  2. I"m the daughter of a woman who threatened a police station with a gun, to protest her hatred of cops/guns.

    She has always lived in white, upper-middle class neighborhoods.

    Their hatred of cops comes from intense guilt, leading to delusional thinking. They also rarely need cops to protect them. It is nearly impossible to change their minds.

    My mother is a version of Caren (from NJ). Please note – that woman has LITERALLY made millions, for her own bank account, by lobbying for the company that makes F-15 Fighter Jets. After that video showing her being a disgusting, entitled waste-of-space,, she resigned from an honorary position. She continues to make millions/year BECAUSE of that attitude she gave to those cops (NOT in spite of it.).

  3. Oh man, I saw your video on sovereign citizens and I immediately subscribed. Cops have cool stories and are an absolutely essential part of having any sort of order. But………………I don't realize you got political. While it is everyone's right to have a political opinion, I like my cops, like I like my soldiers, publicly apolitical. So I gotta unsub ya. Keep up the good work for the cop videos though.

  4. My dad was an aggressive and fast driver. It was scary driving with him growing up. Unfortunately, I was deployed during the time my daughter wanted to learn to drive. He taught her to drive while I was serving our country. She learned all his bad habits. By the time she was 19, she got so many speeding tickets her license was suspended for five years. Luckily, she moved to NY and didn't need to drive anymore. She is especially frustrated when people tell her that she wouldn't need to worry about getting tickets because she is a pretty white girl. She knows better.

  5. Mike the Cop I like your channel and watch your videos. But if we are going to talk the truth we also have to admit that alot of unarmed individuals not resisting or breaking the law when they were killed.. Bernie is an asshole for that statement. I agree 100% . Because cops have giving there lives for the public and for the most part do there jobs correctly. But there are incidents that were highly questionable.

  6. oh…you have gone full-on Breitbart now…cool. Guess I know who to report as a figure-head once the civil war breaks out when your lord and savior eventually doesn't get reelected

  7. Bernie says a cop will shoot you in the back of the head for being Black in a traffic stop, just a handful of days after the first Sheik Sheriff's Deputy in Harris County (Houston), Texas was literally shot in the back of the head during a minor traffic stop.

    These people are in fact EVIL, power-hungry asshats and as much as I hate Trump personally, I would rather march 5 miles through a no-mans-land to vote for him than vote for a single Democrat in 2020

  8. Are you actually saying Cops have no bias when it comes to Black people? Oh please dont tell us Coos are without prestigious. We have tens of thousands of recorded events proving otherwise. otherwise. The recorded event itself is the truth and Cops need to embrace that fact and understand why we require Cops to be recorsed in the first place.

  9. Biden hurts LEO image by manipulating his choice of words. Sanders is worse causing harm and who pays the price LEOs. Would love to hit them at their level with their work. Media just eats this stuff up. Thank goodness for Trump holding strong with his support.

  10. Fantastic video as always, Mike, but I seriously need to go off-topic with a question for you:

    Do you have ANY control whatsoever as to what kind of advertising appears in your videos??

    I’m asking because I found it, shall we say, exponentially curious that a video produced by a police officer was led off by a 2-minute ad from Motley Fool for investment opportunities in the now-legal marijuana/CBD product “industry”.

    I elected to suffer through this irony to its conclusion in the hopes that that you would not get demonetized for skipping the ads, but, still, the conspiracy theorist in me just CAN’T HELP BUT WONDER if this was a random anomaly or a manual reviewer out to have some fun with you at your expense, Mike.

  11. (don't watch a ton of your vids but decided to watch this one you're a pretty cool guy and I'm fairly sure most of the comment section is going to disagree with me but or not read this but I have a few counter points)

    1) Bernie didn't even bring up race why you gotta make it about identity politics bro? /s

    2) comparing the random act of getting hit by lightning to the deliberate act of a paid agent of the state shooting someone for no reason is a bit of a false equivalence

    3) there's tons of laws and reforms that isn't solely decided on the amount of people dying I.E education reform or voter fraud laws (there was apparently only about 31 documented cases of voter fraud between 2000-2014) and while I agree police brutality is over reported I think training reform is just a net positive

    edit: sidenote although you're more likely to be hit by lightning then shot by a cop the amount of people who've died from lightning since 1963 -2016 was about 4110 while 26, 000 people have been killed by police since 2000.

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