Alabama’s ‘astonishingly cruel,’ untested plan to kill Kenneth Smith | Rattling the Bars

While the death penalty has been abolished in 23 states and Washington, DC, other states are doubling down on the barbaric practice of capital punishment. Idaho wants to bring back firing squads, and now the state of Alabama is pushing to become the first state to execute a death row inmate, Kenneth Smith, by forcing him to inhale pure nitrogen. Why are these states seeking such cruel execution methods? Alabama-based investigative journalist Lee Hedgepeth joins Rattling the Bars.

Studio Production: David Hebden, Cameron Granadino

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48 thoughts on “Alabama’s ‘astonishingly cruel,’ untested plan to kill Kenneth Smith | Rattling the Bars

  1. USA, as a European speaking, just have a State by State referendum and abide by the result. Here in Europe by banning the death penalty we have two camps who live in harmony. Those against we take away their thoughts of the horror of execution and false guilt, those for execution pleased that the guilty suffer in prison for the rest of their life. Job done.

  2. In 1873 the US military murdered 1.5 million buffalo, to starve the people, and steal the land & minerals.

    The empires roots, create the fruits.

    From 1945, the US military detonated 1032 nuclear bombs.

    The US military, sprayed – Agent orange – on Vietnam. The children, were born with no arms, and legs.

    The US military, has over 800 military bases, outside the land, (called America/USA/US) that they stole, in 1873.

    Julian Assange, with Chelsea Manning exposes the US military, in the – collateral murder – video, where innocent people, children & journalists, were machine gunned down.

    The empires roots, create the fruits.

  3. When a citizen kills another, it’s murder. When the State kills its citizens, it somehow becomes “justice”. When a State kills citizens in another State, it magically becomes war. This whole human enterprise is BS from top to bottom.

  4. The death penalty as a means of punishment is useless, because we all die someday. Death is not a punishment and maybe even relief or a new beginning.
    The death penalty as a means of retribution is also useless, because it does not undo the crime that has been done.

    The only useful application of the death penalty is deterrence. And in order for it to be an example it needs to be inhuman and cruel, very slow, very painful and very visual to everyone.

  5. Alabama — SUCCESSFULLY– Executed James Barber on July 21, 2023, PLEASE Spare The SOB Story!! He was a handyman who had been doing work for 75-year-old Dorothy Epps. During a robbery in 2001, he beat her to death with a hammer. He confessed on videotape and was linked to the crime scene through physical evidence.

  6. Definitely not humane. Will be extremely painful. If you're not the type to care, then you're saying it would have been okay if your lost loved one suffered more.

  7. Drug companies don't sell drugs for executions. Well, this is because they wouldn't make much money out of it, I mean they don't sell it by the ton, but if millions of dollars were involved, their false morality would disperse like smoke on a windy pier. Drug companies would poison and kill millions, if the price is right. I don't believe for a second that these people have any morality. They kill millions of animals every year in unnecessary, barbaric experiments. They don't want to cure anyone of any affliction, but to control it, so they will always need their medications.

  8. I am highly opposed to the death penalty and decided to watch this video because my wife and I recently put our 15 yo English Sheppard down by using helium gas.
    I researched how to do this to be sure it would be quick and painless. It was very hard to do but very satisfying to have him go peacefully at home.
    I cannot imagine the terror of having your oxygen supply removed gradually in the process that was described. It is exactly the wrong way to do it. I sincerely hope you were wrong in the description.
    My other comment is that the way nitrogen was described was disingenuous. It would take such a massive amount of carelessness and outright stupidity in performing an execution with the equipment to endanger other people performing or witnessing the execution as to be unimaginable. You did no service or lend any credence to the anti death penalty cause by comparing it to an industrial accident. I say this with great confidence, having worked with many life threatening gasses and work environments that can present low oxygen environments requiring constant air monitoring.
    Killing outside of self defense is just flat out wrong. It's pretty much the only argument needed. It's a shame so little is done for prevention of crime and life improvement before crimes are committed. An eye for an eye is the only way some people can see it.

  9. Wasn't the woman he helped kill die by being beaten and stabbed multiple times? And you find it "cruel" that HE may have his neck tapped"(this man said? The gas that makes a person fall asleep may cause the killer worry. Are you two for real?? You men's sympathy is seriously messed up. Don't forget when his victim wouldn't die the first way they tried, they started stabbing her to death. So this time around for him is karma. May HIS VICTIM rest in Peace. May he rot.

  10. its so painless that people who work with the gas do not even know they are dead. it's a sudden past with no smell; nobody does not even knows it happening.

  11. Hypoxia is the most humane form of euthanasia, animal slaughter or execution. The Death Penalty should be rare but it is sadly quite necessary for a myriad of reasons. Gang bangers, serial killers, those who murder children, engage in terrorism, etc need to be unalived. I'm from Alabama but I lived in Boston, and while there I knew some associates & victims of Whitey Bulger. Whitey Bulger's death was quite vicious and cruel, even though he deserved it, but hypoxia would have been as painless as possible. Cyanide, electric chair, firing squad, crucifixion, burning at the stake are all cruel & unusual punishment. Lethal injection was designed to be humane. Hypoxia is known to be humane, as it's used in Medically Assisted Dying for the terminally ill. Mansa Musa seems to be a #BlackLiesMatter movement supporter, so he believes Conspiracy Theories i.e. White Privilege. Fact: 13% of America's population is responsible for more than 50% of all murders & violent crimes. Convicted murderers should be unalived as quickly & humanely as possible, as murderers do not respond to time outs & most keep on killing. While most western countries with homogenous demographics live in Lalaland, the United States has quite a few hostile demographics that cannot live in accordance with the West's code of laws. As Europe and Canada become more DIEverse, the more those societies will want lethal justice & capital punishment against violent criminals. I used to oppose the death penalty but I was naïve. Capital Punishment prevents more murders by the murderer whom receive it. Most of those who get the death penalty have murdered before & unless unalived as soon as possible will murder again. Capital punishment also prevents the cycle of revenge murders, when families attack families as revenge. A civilized society has to use lethal justice as an ethical alternative to end violent crime. Without Capital Punishment, there will be even more murder and eventually lynchings.

  12. I just read this case. He shouldn't have been given the death penalty in the first place! The JUDGE over rode the Jury's Decision for a LIFE SENTENCE. He was HIRED by the husband. His conviction was also overturned once. Why must the US Prison System continue to Kill? Personally the ONLY situation I believe it's appropriate for the Execution is when someone continues to put the public in danger by escaping. Example: Ted Bundy.

  13. The hippicratic oath is in conflict with having anything to do with the Death Penalty. I don't understand why Phlebotomists wouldn't be able to participate. Are there no phlebotomists in these Prisons? How do they administer Emergency Treatments if they don't have staff who have the training to set up IV's or draw blood????

  14. How many people were put on death row because of a political or racial bias or solely for reasons of being an activist who was framed by those in charge.

  15. U.S. is weird in its intents they "won't allow abortion but they'll put you to death if they feel you deserve it 😢😮" – with all this draconian and torturing ways going on one after the other.

    Everyone involved should have nightmares of dieing in the same forms and ways that are being instituted 😮
    this ish is past barbaric. So shamefull, so sad, even consequential injurious. 😔

  16. The Canadian clam shell device is not "astonishingly cruel." You fall asleep and experience no pain or discomfort; THAT is "astonishingly cruel" to a SADIST!! The Sadists are having EMOTIONAL ISSUES!

  17. What's wrong with a bullet? Or two bullets to the back of the skull?
    Either the death penalty is wrong or it isn't.
    If it isn't then cruel and unusual doesn't matter.
    I would go with George Carlin on this.
    I don't believe in government.
    So theoretically pretend that government or capital punishment is legit then get creative.
    That or leave him in Gen pop for a few days and let the inmates deal with it.

  18. You know what was "astonishingly cruel"???……. The acts of xold blooded murder these degenerates committed, which got them on death row in the dirst place.

    No, when you rape or murder someone, you have proven yourself to be too dangerous to live. As such, it is the governing authorities job to execute you.

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