9/11 REMEMBERED – My Personal Story – World Trade Center – Twin Towers – Amagansett Press

9/11 REMEMBERED – My Personal Story – World Trade Center – Twin Towers – Amagansett Press First Amendment Audit

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  1. I am only your average white malefrom theUK and am fairly new to your videos, I think you doa very good job of informing people and organisations of what they are doing wrong and Highlighting bad practices.

    I have to say that I only have great experiences of the American police whenI worked out there several years ago in NY andWashington and found them very helpful and friendly.

    I was part of the cleanup team sorting out computers at the buildings immediately around Ground Zero and subsequently on Long Island.

    I have to say that I was very happy to go work there under Bush but doubt if I would go there for that Opportunist clown you have in office now, and with the levels of anger that are seen daily. I think that you are right about the need for dialogue before violence and that the world would be a better place if that happened.

    Keep up the good work


  2. Do you actually believe that a man hiding from the CIA, FBI, AMERICA, in the mountains in Afganistan planned out that attack on America? You are Remembering? Did you remember them reporting building #7 falling before it fell? Did you see that building fall freefall? Did you get to talk to any fireman that was there that day? All blinded by the lies. LIES!!!! LIES!!!! Appreciate the lies we get from just about everybody, right?

  3. I was only 15 years old and in High School when the 9/11 attacks happened. I vividly remember every classroom having a major news network of some kind on their television sets. One of my classmates had mentioned something about a plane crash, and initially, I thought she was referring to a local plane crash (we have a small airport in my hometown). As it turns out, it was much more prominent, and we were let out of school early that day. They made us walk out the door in a single file line, which was really strange. That entire day was a day that I will certainly never forget.

  4. AMEN Jason. I had just got layed off from work at the time and thought life was bad. When I saw this the little things seemed less important. Losing lives like we did was horrific. Pray for all these lost souls and their families.

  5. Wait Wait Wait a sec, you call yourself a journalist (or you are by practice or school, it really don`t matter to me) so the journalists world wide crack this theme as are people there, and now there you were, filming this video by honoring this very people who was white as a snow that day (i remember that day too, but on the other side, the US was stop bombarding Serbia over a year i was in army and believe me i watch how people had some justice over all, claiming this and that i was a fool that day, a fool who stood up and told everyone how wrong they are, that we don`t see nothing but the civilians and brutality over peoples life above all, because we should know better) sorry for digress, but by now i am at 99% convinced that US people know better by now, so when you and other remember all losses, what latter was a shifting point for word Terrorism (Communism, Socialism…its ISM) and i like many people here don`t have a grudge in heart, we give our sympathy for all, but chose your word carefully when its a freedom in line, many life (multiply by two each on generation) was lost in that fake senses of freedom, you have a two gov there and now it is war in your back yard, that what you called a D S, so how to justified when US kill little US citizens and for their cause only, i remember that Saddam have WMD (which he was destroyed, because your gov sold him that), no no sir by now only you, just for those one that you know, but me I WROTE THIS FOR 80% OF POPULATION, and you know what, people on your video (incl you) get exactly how they are, it is all about remembering funny thing i tough that too.Smile for those that we remember, because when we cry for them, it is a raining for them, so smile for them and for those one who should be born by them, i give you my sympathy, my love my everything, and i know that i speak in a majority in Serbia for this, we love you (US people).

  6. I live in New Zealand and still remember the day vividly as it was my wife's birthday
    We watched the news the whole day when we realised the enormity of this tragic event
    I will never forget
    God bless

  7. Yes you're absolutely right it was an atrocity with the United States government did on that day they actually allowed American citizens to die but then again that's nothing new I mean the United States government has been slaughtering and killing American citizens fuck forever I mean it's called a war so it is what it is but it is silly because you know it's all bulshit so it was propagated on you know and Bush was behind it knew a lot of what was going on but of course to this day no charges were ever brought against him and he was able to die with his dignity intact simply amazing isn't it anyways do research you'll find out there was actually quite a bit to 911 but that's neither here nor there America killing its citizens it's the country that you have to love

  8. Sorry but no plane hit the Pentagon or crashed to the ground in Pennsylvania and office fires did not take down Building 7 at free fall speed witch is scientifically impossible according to Physics.

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