69-Year-Old Tries To Legally Change His Age For More Tinder Dates

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Author: phillyfinest369


37 thoughts on “69-Year-Old Tries To Legally Change His Age For More Tinder Dates

  1. I agree with a lot of the comments but what this man is doing is no different from what a transgender is doing…. like them he is saying I do want to be what God made me and I have the right to change that 😂 y’all think this is creepy but a man tricking another man into believing he is a woman don’t sound crazy at all huh 🤔 cut it out people u can’t have it both ways

    This is an uncoded message. English alphabets with words based in latin. With your high intelligence you can easily decipher this text. *******LEAVE IMMEDIATELY. ***stop****DO NOT STAY AND SIGHTSEE****

  3. I think that's a great idea because I want to do the same thing. I wish to change my birthdate from June 9, 1985 to June 9, 2012 or 2013 or 2014 or 2015 and change my age from 33 to 4 or 5 or 6 or or 7 in 2019 a rich one and to repeat my childhood in this generation today since I don't like the years I had to enjoy it before. So let me be a child again in this generation today age 3 or 6 and turn 4 or 7 on my Birthday and let me have the birth years I like 2012 or 2015 and let him be 49 make our age changing possible. When I'm a child again I'll be happier and I can enjoy childhood the years I like to enjoy it. Because I didn't want to be born in the 80s I don't like it. I don't like who I am. I can enjoy Chuck E Cheese And Bounce Houses And Crawl Tubes And Playing With Other Kids Parties And Writing Fan Mail To Kids That Are YouTubers And Playing With Other Kids I can do Elementary School And Life All Over Again I can also enjoy playdates with other kids. I didn't want to see myself here in the 80s fix me where I weren't here in the 90s. I can also play games on iPad and my phones and laptops. I don't want my birth year in the 80s anymore. I'm ready to trans age and trans my birth year. Let the me have what I want let him have what he want.

  4. If gender is a social construct, time is also a social construct so our age technically is whatever, if you feel 40 but you're 69 then go head and be 40. The donkey of the day should go to trans people for starting this trend lol I'm with this guy!

  5. No no no we all can play crazy if we're going to let a man say he's a woman or a woman say she's a man even though they have mental health problems and need prayer he can have mental health problems too and be a three year old you love to embrace crazy ok here you go delusion is delusion

  6. If this passes, and you’re able to lower your age then you should be able to raise your age as well, then we could have underage kids claiming they feel 21 and buying alcohol as grown adults, this is stupid

  7. If a male or female can legally identify as the opposite sex, this man should be able to change his age. This is what happens when you allow foolishness to run amuck. I identify as a chair. Is that ok?

  8. This is great for older mothers. It could allow them to change their age and hide from their kids what they have actually done to them. Kids can say , yes my Mum passed away at 65. Instead of 85. It might lead to outlawing women having children over the age of 40 though.

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