“You’re gonna have to do better for your child, Benzino!”

From the report of Brookhaven Police Officer K. Hopkins, and the apartment of former-‘Love & Hip Hop’ star Benzino:

“On December 25, 2018 at approximately 1722 hrs. I was dispatched to [the home of Raymond “Benzino” Scott] in reference to a domestic dispute. Upon arrival I could hear from inside the apartment a male voice yelling. The male voice was yelling at someone telling them to get their stuff and leave the house. I knocked on the door and a male, later identified as Raymond Scott, answered.

Scott invited Sgt. Fleming and I inside the home. Scott advised the apartment belonged to him and he wanted the mother of his child, Althea Eaton, to leave. Scott advised the couple got into an argument over an Instagram photograph but would not go into detail. Scott advised the argument lead [sic] into issues they were having over custody of the son they shared. Scott advised he just wanted Eaton and their son, to leave the apartment.

Eaton advised the couple got into an argument. Eaton advised the argument never became physical, but they have in the past. Eaton advised she called the police to prevent the argument from escalating. Eaton advised she would leave the apartment, she just needed her keys and the car seat out of Scott’s vehicle. Sgt. Fleming accompanied Scott down to the vehicle to obtain Eaton’s property. Once Scott returned Eaton began moving her items from the apartment to the hall way. Scott became very angry and started yelling at Eaton, stating she was not allowed to use or have anything of his. Scott was very emotional through this situation.

Sgt. Fleming removed Scott from the area. All [of] Eaton’s property was removed from the apartment. Both parties were advised on different remedies to deal with their relationship. Both parties were advised about the magistrate court in order to deal with their custody issues. Eaton and their son were picked up by a friend.”


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Author: rafael.nieves


49 thoughts on ““You’re gonna have to do better for your child, Benzino!”

  1. I can remember fights from my parents when I was very, very young, as young as that young boy is. And I can remember all kinds of other bad things as well. He's going to make that little kid as wacked out as I ended up being. I'm better now and have been sober almost 7 years now and live a healthy responsible life.

  2. It's so obvious Ray deadbeat is on drugs. His mental state is horrible especially at 53 years old. He's probably coming down off the coke and doesn't have anymore to sniff. I feel so bad for this child. What a dam shame.

  3. This cop must of got an A+ in psychology and sociology that's for sure. He should of became a psychiatrist instead of a cop. He would of been making 5 times more than he's making financially as a cop.

  4. This dude is a troubled woman magnet! When isn't he in some kind of mess with some messy woman. As grandma used to say, "water seeps its own level".

  5. A couple of common themes I've noticed is they both blame one another. They also, oddly enough, both have personalities that aren't very mature at their ages. Horrible mix with a child involved….

  6. Benzino is a little off but this woman is nuts. She didn't have to take all that stuff. She has no car. Smh. If my child was screaming to stay with his dad, he would've stayed. She did that on purpose I need dog food and dog pads….GO BUY SOME. this is sad

  7. Good lesson here for unmarried fathers. I know in the state I live in, if you're unmarried when the child is born the mother has sole custody and dads have zilch, even if you sign the birth certificate and the child has your last name. They can make you pay support but in order for dads to have anything, they have to go to court and set it up. Even if you have a great relationship with her, GO TO COURT AND PROTECT YOUR RIGHTS 👍🏻

  8. Idk. She seems like she enjoys the drama. He seems like he's very unstable. I feel like you can't take sides here. They both aren't thinking at all about that poor boy. Poor kid.

  9. You can tell this woman is vindictive just by how she is asking for more and more towards the end of the vid. Trying to get under his skin, knowing he doesn't want her to have anything. She petty, and I can't believe the judges rule in favor of women like this.

  10. I don't understand why he is complaining he got him self in trouble… Be careful who u have children with and be careful who u date or marry…

  11. As a father with a son I tell you is nothing worse than when the baby mother uses kid as a pawn for control and to hurt you it's some straight trifling shit I know this dude got issues and I'm not taking sides but all females that pull that cruddy crap on dads you just dont know what that does to fathers especially when it's a son has his name also it's like ur second heart you been having ripped away from you .

  12. Your ride is here, get the car seat in the car and secure your freaking kid,then start putting the shit in the truck. Not leaving the responsibility of the kid to the cops. PISS POOR ASS MAMA

  13. Whoever this cop is, is hitting Benzino with straight FACTS but he is not realizing that nothing is penetrating Benzinos thick ass skull!! smh

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