“You can’t give me a ticket, because I’m not in the program!”

Kalamazoo, Michigan — It’s been far too long since we’ve presented a sovereign citizen encounter on Real World Police. This Kalamazoo traffic stop – featuring a highly unusual ending – occurred on August 3, 2019.

In December 2011, Andre Juron Gardner was sentenced to eight days in jail, two years of probation, court costs and fees for delivery/manufacture of marijuana as a second-time habitual offender. It appears that his, uhh, sovereignty, began around that time.


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Author: rafael.nieves


46 thoughts on ““You can’t give me a ticket, because I’m not in the program!”

  1. I'm not in the program, what's that? Ashamed of his name, anything to hide?
    What a lazy job by the police officer. This notion of traveling in order to be exempt of traffic violation is acceptable. Again poor job by the officer.

  2. Funny thing if you pay attention, he says "I'm not travelling" several times. Then he says "I'm driving". Then he goes back to "I'm not driving, I'm travelling". Some people try to seem so smart, but in reality are so stupid.

  3. Well that cop just validated that the I'm not in the program line works so now next cop is going to have to deal with that which will escalate the next stop as the guy is gonna use the excuse he is right because last cop said so

  4. "overall, they're dangerous"

    Listen assholes, this is a good man. All you saying what if he hits your kid or car, listen…..I assure you he would be first to do what is right. He understands if he break the law (not policy, understand the difference) than he is responsible with that.

    I respect TF out this man, here.

  5. Yes because let's argue the rules of the road while we are all operating tonns of deadly and explosive steel… totally doesn't go wrong when we are more glued to our screens than the safe operation of said vehicles.

  6. He didn't comply with the law and yet he wasn't issued a ticket/citation. Is it fair for all of us who pay insurance every month? Mine is up for renewal soon, what should I do?

  7. Sometimes, when I am traveling, law enforcement folks do me the great honor, of providing me with an escort. Lights, sirens, whisking along through traffic at incredible speeds! They have even gone as far as to honor me with firing a volley, or two, from their sidearms, in a great celebration of liberty! Sovereign citizens are being respected and recognized more and more each and every day.

  8. Cop has failed all of us who pay for our registration, insurance etc. So what happens if he plows into a family and kills a few people, I smell a huge lawsuit against the city.

  9. In Michigan, people are allowed to drive on public roadways with an improperly displayed lic. plate (if there a lic. plate at all), refuse to show a driver license, refuse to identify themselves, and states he is not on the "program" so he can't be issued citations,, and the cop says, ok, no problem, have a nice evening, bye bye????? The "police officer" should be selling life insurance, and is an officer in name only. He let this guy totally kowtow him. What a disgrace to the dept he works for. Sounds like the other officer was trying to gently nudge him to do his job, but office milqutoast wasn't having it. Maybe being a full time clergy in a church would suit him better.

  10. Cops are always getting called out.(most of the time for good reason)
    So I thought I would mention how much of a good guy this cop is. He seems like a genuinely good guy, who got into policing to be an actual fair cop.

  11. Great officer. Smooth encounter. Guy seemed real happy to be sent on his way.

    But the cop should have told everything is fine, no ticket but “hey man that traveling sovereign citizen shit isn’t going to work”. He needs to know he’s on public roads that “the system” paid for those roads and his “vessel” needs to stay the fuck off those roads if he’s traveling. He’s free to travel on foot if he’d like. Don’t be the authority everyone likes, sometimes you gotta be the authority that tells them the shit they don’t want to hear but need to.

  12. 8:00 and cops always say attitude and
    Honestly go a long way. But most of them are already ready to write you up regardless.
    For example i was speeding 10 over the speed limit and was pulled over.
    Was very kind and honest addmitted that i usually drive 5-10 mph over the speed limit.
    Still issued me a $200 ticket.
    Know your rights the cops aren’t your friends.
    And being honesty and nice does not get you out of anything.

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