Woman Driving Jetta Receives 121 MPH Speeding Ticket

Peace officers are routinely required to respond to an emergency as quickly as possible, knowing that the outcome of the emergency may rest in the balance. Each officer is expected to respond in a responsible manner, balancing the risks of their driving against the risk to the public posed by the call they are responding to.

That said, extreme speeds are inherently dangerous and although risks can be managed, minimized, and mitigated they never go away entirely. Few know the potential consequences better than highway patrol troopers. Dealing with those consequences is a less-than-pleasant part of the job.

When Trooper Jesus Cortez heard his radar unit screaming he couldn’t yet see the vehicle it was shrieking about, but the Jetta soon came into view and its speed was locked-in at a solid 121 miles per hour… going the opposite direction.

Normally that scenario would require an all-out sprint to catch up with the speeder, easily a few miles of driving in the low-130s if the speeder doesn’t slow down.

But in this case Trooper Cortez’s U-turn was met with a welcome and surprising response: the driver, a woman named Kari, had already pulled herself over, and the Jetta was waiting just a bit further ahead on the side of the road.

[Oh, snap! Sigh. If you’re wondering why your only your left ear gets to enjoy this video, here is an explanation: The New Mexico Department of Public Safety uses the exceptionally crappy COBAN in-vehicle recording system. When actively recording, the system sends the officer’s body mic audio to the left channel and the rear compartment mic audio to the right channel. No one gets arrested in this video, which means that keeping the right channel live only introduces weirdness with radio transmissions, so – as I often do – I silenced the right channel’s audio. Only this time I forgot to mirror the audio from the left channel. In summary, I hope your left ear enjoys this video.]


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28 thoughts on “Woman Driving Jetta Receives 121 MPH Speeding Ticket

  1. Don’t think she got off.
    Once the Prosecuting Attorney sees this, they will up the charges to “careless and imprudent” or “reckless”.
    She will then learn how the system is there to extract your money.

  2. Man 121 in a Jetta, thats frightening for the fucking driver.

    In a past life I may or may not have had a 2008 Chevy Cruze up to approx 175 km/h, and I was sure it was gonna explode.


  3. {When a cop pulled my girlfriend over for speeding.}
    Cop: "Young lady, do you have any idea how fast you were going?"
    My Girlfriend: "Not really."
    Cop: "150 miles per hour. The speed limit is 55. …Why are you grabbing yourself?"
    My Girlfriend: "I have to pee!"
    Cop: "Oh. That explains the speeding. You're free to go."

  4. South Australia 12 months instant loss of licence on the spot. Car impounded 28 days. About $1200 for release. Court appearance with dangerous driving charge. Possible jail time

  5. If there was a minivan going 55mph up that hill and she rear ended them because she was going that fast she would most likely being going to federal prison

  6. I wish I could say "how would anyone know" but when I was traveling that same stretch of road from LA to Houston, myself with my 500SL and two other cars a charger and Mustang kept chasing each other. I didn't want to go past 120 mph. The passing lines become a blur and everything comes up really really fast. Passing cars going 70 mph like they are standing still. Both the charger and Mustang could have left me in the dust early. I and probably they had an app to help notify us if a police was around. I also have a radar/laser detector built in. I never figured it out but saw the detection electronic eye in front and rear undercarriage.

  7. as a german, your speeds seem redicolously slow, but to say it that way, driving 85, you do not need a radar to see that she was going way to fast (for oyur laws) with 121. If you want to experience fast driving, make a holliday (after Corona) in Germany and drive around on our awesome Autobahnsystem. BTW in a Jetta, 121 is like pedal to the metal 😀

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