Wild Police Chase Ends In Head-On Collision

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The Portland Police Department and the Sumner County Sheriff’s Office have released dash camera video showing a dramatic high speed chase. The chase began early Tuesday morning when an off-duty Portland Police Officer said he saw 20-year-old David Stancil allegedly fighting with a woman and then forcing her in his car.

Police began chasing Stancil, who sped off through a field to avoid capture.

The chase continued down Highway 52 before Sumner County Deputies got involved as Stancil drove down Highway 31.

During the chase, video showed Stancil swerving through lanes of traffic, often forcing cars on the two lane road to pull over.

The suspect was also inches away from hitting a school bus. Thankfully, no one on that bus was injured.

The chase ended close to 30 miles later as Stancil lost control and side-swiped one car before hitting another car head-on. Sky 5 flew over the scene showing debris scattered all across the road.

Stancil and the woman in his car were airlifted to Vanderbilt University Medical Center. Stancil has since been released and booked into the Sumner County Jail on a host of charges.

The condition of the woman was unclear as of Thursday night.

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** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) **

Author: rafael.nieves


26 thoughts on “Wild Police Chase Ends In Head-On Collision

  1. i don't understand if he was trying to play chicken with the other cars or if he thought he was playing gta and that the cop would just follow behind him to be the one involved in a collision

  2. Great so thanks for letting us know the piece of shit criminal is ok. What about the innocent people in the car he hit?

  3. wow thank God more people don't get hurt in this world. I can't stand people. poor innocent people getting hurt.

  4. Funny how the story makes zero mention of the condition of the people he hit. If police weren't such assholes they wouldn't risk the public like this. The police are literally saying if you die because of this police chase it's worth it to get this guy off the streets. So he's that dangerous that possibly killing dozens of other people was worth it?

  5. Please…PLEASE let this piece of human garbage get a good 15 years in jail just to start PLUS more for the other offenses with for what he/she did to those poor people that now suffer with injuries from another accident from another lunatic in a society over-flowing with them.

  6. this chase should have been called off the second they almost head on'd with the school bus. The police needed to back off and let an air unit take it or call units ahead to watch for the vehicle. They could have chased from a safer distance.

  7. These people that run from the law need to be put to death when they hit innocent people. If we began to execute these criminals it would stop this nonsense. I feel sorry for the family of the people these selfish assholes injure and kill!
    Peace be with the innocents that have died.

  8. I hope they suffered immensely and for a really long time. hopefully the cops took their time calling the wahhhhhmbulance

  9. Here's what I wish for driver David Stancil. Goes to prison. One day he is allowed to leave prison and spend the day on work release picking up trash along the road when suddenly a criminal fleeing police hits him and drags him several hundred yards under the car, hitting a utility pole. The criminal refuses to get out of the car. The police release a K9 to the car but the K9, smelling David's blood trail left behind on the road, goes for David instead and drags him by the face from under the car. Then the K9 takes a piss on him. As David is taken away on a stretcher he notices the car's plate: "KARMA".

  10. you can clearly tell that the guy it's desperate to escape… the cop should have back up a little. the cop was actually pushing him from behind to go faster

  11. Hopefully the m/f died in that. But if not, he/she should be charged with several counts of attempted murder with a deadly weapon. Here's hoping everyone else is ok.

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