Why does America love football? The answer is imperialism | Edge of Sports

The US is the only country on earth where the word “football” refers to a different sport from the rest of the world. Where did American football come from, and why is it that the sport is virtually only played in the US? To answer that, Dave Zirin takes us on a brief journey through history to the turn of the 20th century, when imperialists like President Theodore Roosevelt took up the cause of promoting football as a way to cultivate a “masterful nation.”

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38 thoughts on “Why does America love football? The answer is imperialism | Edge of Sports

  1. American football isnt imperialist.
    American soldiers invade and occupying an country that isnt bothering Americans, thats imperialist.
    Supreme Bowl isnt the same as the Iraq War.

  2. X-Files

    Competetive sports and violent movies are how the bloodthirsty alien vampires (greed) program and brainwash US into worshipping conflict and war (hell).

    Which is the exact opposite of peace and harmony (heaven).

  3. American Football developed from Rugby football. It's just your version of Rugby Football. Rugby is played with out all that padding & is a tougher game. Like your language, you stole it from the British.

  4. Football is actually very boring. A couple of plays and then 2 minutes of commercials selling beer, trucks, and fast food to make you fat. U might get a couple of exciting throws or runs down the field. But you can't argue that the game is the biggest profitable sport in North America. Business wise nfl and corporations have done masterful job getting the most money out of this sport. If you like physical, fast moving, exciting sport, try nhl hockey. Come playoffs there is nothing more exciting than nhl.

  5. A series of two football games were played in Cambridge, Massachusetts on 14th & 15th May 1874 between McGill University and Harvard University. These are the first modern football games.

  6. Just had to throw in that dig at the GOP at the end there. But in reality the uniparty rules. It's a few handfuls of Republicans that are going against the grain and trying to stifle the drums of endless conflict.

  7. I have not listened to presentation. However, acknowledge the link. I am a peace monger, and a football lover. It is a far better means of satisfying my tribalistic DNA, than war. Make Football Not War !!

  8. "The US will transfer thousands of seized (pirated in the Gulf of Persia) Iranian weapons and rounds of ammunition to Ukraine, in a move that could help to alleviate some of the critical shortages facing the Ukrainian military as it awaits more money and equipment from the US and its allies, US officials said.
    US Central Command has already transferred over one million rounds of seized (pirated) ammunition to the Ukrainian armed forces, it announced on Wednesday. The transfer was conducted on Monday, CENTCOM said in a press release.
    "The government obtained ownership of these munitions on July 20, 2023, through the Department of Justice's civil forfeiture claims against Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC)" the statement says.
    ~ C N N

  9. "We cannot pretend that we'll just wait and see how the American elections are going. Because they have the sama interest, in a way. Of course, SUPPORTING UKRAINE IS A VERY CHEAP WAY TO MAKE SURE THAT RUSSIA WITH THIS REGIME IS NOT A THREAT TO NATO ALLIANCE. And its vital to continue that support.
    It is our interest to support Ukraine, because they are fighting this war, we are not fighting it."
    ~ Defense Minister of the Netherlands, Ms Kajsa Ollongren in the NATO Security Conference, Warsaw, Poland.

  10. That was a rather color biased report. I have to admit that the majority of the rich were white people. But you miss read. The presidents of the United States, as well as many of the others, they were not saying that they strictly wanted whites to be strong, they were saying that the lower class has to be strong to grow up the Children that grew up well-to-do.
    We're growing up soft book worms. Because we were not at war. We were not at war socially. We were not at war financially, and we were not at war physically.
    The country itself was well-to-do for the first time. And those that were growing up in upper crust society. We're becoming cocky and Soft And when you're cocky and soft, you end up being a coward. You end up losing your position as a matter of fact, you end up losing everything because you do not know how to fight. There is a saying hard times make 4 hard men easy times make for boys. And the Titan's will rule regardless. So football was a way to take a Pansy weekling.
    And turn him into something that had a chance in this world.
    Show if you want to go with the race card. What they were saying is that the white race was getting too soft to survive. And that it did not seem to matter whether you were white, black, red, yellow.
    Or brown, if you were wealthy, your children were probably going to fail because they had not had to deal with conflict and Strategy, this was a way to install conflict and strategy.
    In the growing up of a whale to do or better off child that creates men instead of cowards. Because this country was not founded on cowards, this country was founded on men of all races. And has the promise to make wealthy of all races.

    Because of your bias opinion, I do not consider you the news. I consider you a jerk, a coward, and a liar.
    Never ask for my help. Because that is asking me to mercy you.

  11. "That shit ain't the truth" Well the allusion to war is, but you didn't take your "wayback machine" way back enough. As soccer could be seen as reflecting the kind of ritualized warfare that is often seen among tribal people where there is a lot of posturing and running back and forth with only occasional clashes, and very little actual violence, football is a reflection of the classic Greek type of warfare wherein there is a head on violent clash of opponents.

  12. LOL it is played in Canada, we don't have the population, or the money to support the sport, but the game is older than the American game and much loved, as a Sport. Sorry this piece is just silly.

  13. RofW didn't take to the sport because it's unwatchable to most. You could have embraced Rugby as the rugged, manly sport played by elites across the British Empire. Instead, you took a flowing game and made it too complicated, stop-start and just uninteresting to many.
    You got it right with baseball but missed the mark with "football"

  14. Rugby popular in many other countries and is just as violent as American football. Soccer (futbol) has just as many ties to imperialism and colonialism as American football, but yet it’s the biggest sport in the world. Cricket is far more popular than any US sport globally

  15. Actually, nothing exemplifies more why American football is only played in the States, and not anywhere else than you talking about it. A report filled with the typical ignorance about the rest of the world. Well done sarcastic clap

  16. This assessment seems juvenile. Why does America love food? imperialism. Is there no better example of actual imperialism that can be highlighted, instead of this?

  17. Wow I never knew there was a connection between football and imperialism. And ultimately it is about preparing for war. That is really frightening and sad.

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