Whiteout In Washington: Massive Pileup Shuts I-82, Cruiser Struck

Early-January 2017 walloped the northwestern United States, dumping as much as four feet of snow and ice on higher elevations in the upper Sierras. The storm caused more than 35,000 power outages as it eventually made its way to the south, with at least five fatalities confirmed.

This compilation of never-before-seen State Patrol dash camera footage shows the treacherous roadways of Washington and Oregon on the afternoon of January 10, 2017, as blinding snow and severe weather conditions caused a massive ten-car & five-semi pileup on I-82, shutting the major thoroughfare in both directions from Kennewick to the Oregon state line.

Enjoy, and drive safe!


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20 thoughts on “Whiteout In Washington: Massive Pileup Shuts I-82, Cruiser Struck

  1. I understand this cop wanted to get up there and help people… but wouldn't it have helped more to have his POLICE LIGHTS running at the BACK END of the pileup… to maybe direct traffic to SLOW DOWN BEFORE reaching the pileup?

  2. This is years ago now and of course other people have died. They made bad decisions I think and they died some people didnt have a choice ( thats what kind of hurts) endangerment** to endanger another life because you feel like""its your house your rules?"" ""your the adult" " Your the boss" Its your way only"" ENDANGERMENT is a serious situation for some people, so you could say that when adults die here know why they die. Pray that other people who wouldnt have a choice to say no escape ! so much infliction from wrongful people…their are no words to explain INJUSTICE….

  3. I was driving semi in this, still had my chains on looking for a place to take them off. Had cb on and a snow plow went by me as i was doing 30 to 35, snow plow said coming up on your left, gotta check for white out conditions. I was about mp 118 and he came back up the hill and was yelling back it down back it doen we have a pile up ahead. I was waving my hand out the window trying to tell other trucks n cars to slow down warning them. Nobody slowed down and when i got to the wreck 5 miles ahead, they were all involved. I stopped about 100 yards before last wrecked vehicle just being safe trying to give bumper room. I watched in my right mirror another semi barely missing me on the right shoulder. Only way he slowed down was the deep snow on that shoulder. Sat there 6 hours before road opened up.

  4. It’s so true🤔, how do the foreigners get their CDLs and not know how to read much including the signs. How did they pass the 75 question permit test at the DMV getting less than 15 wrong on some tuff technical questions? One of my theories, some are well networked that as long as you have a certain amount of 💰, you can just buy it out!

  5. Coming from the thumb of Michigan I can tell ya driving in white-outs is wicked crazy!! Your eyes start to follow the snow blowing at your windshield…you feel like you’re in a tunnel!!! Freaky feeling!!
    I believe it was 12/2011 or 12…a normal 1hr drive took my 8 hrs!!! I literally stopped for awhile thinking I’d step into a bar to relax for a bit but they closed, so I sat in my car, then figured I can’t stay there forever so I started out again…snow drifts were accumulating everywhere! I’m driving like 5 mph, being all you see is white at about 7pm, I drove right into a snowdrift the height of my car hood 🙄…stuck!!! Snow was starting to accumulate around my car & I couldn’t even open my door! We’re talking 2 lane roads, ditches on both sides…cops were not helping anyone & I honestly couldn’t tell where I was! I was not dressed for the weather to get out & walk, plus I had my lil 4lb dog with me. A friend came out to find me & pull me out…took another 45 to get to my friends house for the night, which normally would have taken 5 min!! I was supposed to leave for Florida in 3 days & I wanted to get home to pack…needless to say, everyone was ordered to STAY PUT or you’d get a ticket if you were on the road!, so it was 3 days later that I made it home to pack & 3 days after that that I left for Florida 🙄
    It was that snowmageden that I vowed to move somewhere warmer…fast forward to 2016, I moved to California! ❤️👍 I truly don’t miss the snow anymore & my heart was racing watching the cop drive in that blowing snow! Memories came back 😳 watching these wrecks make my heart race & I cringe at every crunch of vehicles!! I find myself yelling at cars to move over, get out of the way, get out of your car 1st chance you get so you’re not crushed in your car!! 😔

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