When SWATTING goes SOUTH | Off The Cuff Clip: Ep. 18

With the recent “swatting” incident in Wichita making the news and many of you guys asking for commentary on it, Dave and I decided to address it on our most recent podcast episode. Dave has actually been a member of a SWAT team and brings that experience to the table.

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41 thoughts on “When SWATTING goes SOUTH | Off The Cuff Clip: Ep. 18

  1. When the FBI went out on Mueller probe arrests they sent SWAT teams to citizens who would have given themselves up over the phone and the molar probe knew it. What do you think about the Gestapo tactics that the mullaprobe used to intimidate anybody who is involved with Trump.

    These gestapo raids destroyed any confidence left in the FBI. Using SWAT teams to intimidate people is the ultimate abuse of the police. Up until then most people just blamed the people at the top of the FBI for their insane investigation. After the SWAT teams went to arrest phlegm and Stone we lost all confidence and respect for anyone in the FBI. It's time to defund the FBI now.

  2. I don't think the officer did anything wrong in the incident you're talking about. If a suspect is noncompliant and making furtive movements for their waistband, that makes opening fire completely understandable.

  3. Great interview ! thanks, So what happen with the male who walked into dearbourn with an open carry. It all sounds a bit confusing, people dont know each other even in law enforcement? I think u r perspective is a bit naive to paramilitary and law enforcement activity. Some foreign countries do not want other military dpt. in their country obviously for homicide-in war its called defense. Their is an AIR SPACE or invisible boundary of a country ex. turkey air space and a  Turkish Air Force F-16 fighter jet shot down a Russian Sukhoi Su-24M attack aircraft near the Syria–Turkey border on 24 November 2015. … The weapon systems officer was rescued; the pilot was shot and killed by Syrian rebel ground fire while descending by parachute.

  4. We the people understand that policemen have to respond to such calls and be ready for the worst however
    they should not be allowed to open fire because they got scared or because someone did not follow their
    commands to the letter. Is it possible that the subject did not understand your commands because they are
    foreigners and he is wondering why are you yelling at him? If you did that in a European country you would
    end up in prison for murder. This cop training that you have to “ eliminate the threat “ whenever you are afraid needs to stop. People have been shot with dozens of bullets while the swat team broke into his home
    and found him sleeping on his bed. When all this will stop ? Perhaps when a politicians or peace officers
    home gets swatted ?

  5. Mike, I've watched several of your videos and find most of them educational for me. I've had my good and bad dealings with cops. And yes sometimes I was the asshole that needed to be hooked up. I WAS a drunk and sometimes violently so. I paid the price several times for my mistakes like a man should. But I've also run into the chest thumpers that think you should bow down and be subservient because they wear a badge and a gun when I'd done nothing wrong. Ya deal with buttcheeks on both sides. I've experienced the abuse of power by a cop but I also in the same day experienced help by a different cop from the same department.
    It's a shitty job that's never gong to be a 100% for everyone. As an old grunt, you make choices in microcseconds that civilians can't make in 20 minutes. Thank you and keep on putting out your content. I don't always agree with you and to be honest I may only agree with you half the time but I will give you a chance each time because you provoke a rational dialog. I do think you have a bias towards LEO'S, but hell, I'VE got a bias towards my beloved Marine Corps.
    One last thought, or ramble, if every law abiding citizen was armed and taught to properly use said firearm Ann's was raised with sensibilities then i believe law enforcements job would be easier. The old west wasn't as wild as portrayed in general because of this and citizens would band together and help their local law because they knew it was needed.
    Thank you and keep your ass in the grass and your powder dry. Semper Fi, Paul.

  6. My dad is an officer, and I had never heard of swatting till the episode of Blue Bloods where Garrett got swatted. That would be an incredibly scary situation. I'd just start shouting names of all the officers I know (small enough department). There is no solid way to make sure that a call is a swatting, unfortunately.

  7. If a reasonable person would have acted that way why didn't the rest of the cops open fire?
    The cops refused to allow 911 records to be released and only released a small amount of body cam.
    Justin Rapp testified that he only saw Gaskill's hand move. He didn't know if he had a gun. And the aftermath was thuggery too.
    And Gaskill's niece who watched his murder committed suicide afterward.
    Two the price of one. A good day for a psychopath.

  8. You really excuse the cop that shot the guy in the doorway when there was zero threat to anyone.
    It was murder.

    Everyone was in cover and there was no sight of a gun and even if there was it wouldn't be a significant threat at that moment.
    And, I saw the footage and the guy in the doorway was not acting threateningly.
    He was acting like a normal person wondering what was going on.
    The cop was an itchy trigger fingered, either weak-minded or keen to shoot, killer.
    The fact is that there was no threat and just because you claim the commands were clear that doesn't mean that they were to the guy in the doorway.
    I think every case that BLM raised has elements of a justified shoot. Not this. This is murder.
    A weak minded, nervous, shit scared little prick, or a psychopath with power and a gun.

  9. Is there or could there be some kind of program where live streamers who believe they may be victims of swatting at some point, do some kind of intake with the local police; So that if their address or name goes out with a dispatch, that it goes out with a flag as well, which lets police know that the call has a much higher likelihood of being a false alarm?

  10. I am a retIl manager and I know when I am called by one of my associates, the customer is PROBABLY going to lie. I had never thought about the cops facing the same. It defiantly makes sense though.

  11. I'm going to put this out there, officers get charged and sentenced all the time for criminal misconduct. The point of this video is to explain that the people "swatting" are either perpetrators or accessories of the crime. The officers may still be found to be guilty or an accessory to a crime, in which case, they get sentenced like any civilian, and in the case of being an accessory, they get the same sentence length as the perpetrator.

  12. Swatting is irresponsible, juvenile and ties up officers who could otherwise be available to respond to legitimate calls. Prosecute these clowns and let them know that swatting isn't protected free speech.

  13. I'm European and this swating thing is terrifying!

    Btw, Mike I rather enjoy your vids, thanks for addressing such a sharp topics. I'm new & subbed around here, 37, white male, 167 hight, 82 weight..🙂

  14. Mike I really enjoyed the guest you had on. He was not only informative but very articulate. He made it to where people like me with the understanding of a 5 year old could understand. Hope you continue to work with him often.
    Stay Safe!

  15. I've grown up hating cops and slept better ever time I saw a cop got shot on the news. It maybe because of an incident I had when I was attacked by thugs and the cops let them go after one smirked at me. However watching your videos definitely opens a door into understanding that not all cops are bad. And it really helps the understanding of the "why" in reallity

  16. I like to take a balanced approach in such incidents. I try to view body cam and dash cam videos if available. If I can hear 9-1-1 dispatch logs, I will try to analyze what is said, tone of voice and other specific details.

    I ask myself specific questions.

    1) What is the nature of the call?
    2) What is the demeanor of the officer/ subject?
    3) Is the subject following instructions?
    4) Was the caller at the location or not on the location?
    5) Was there an opportunity for lesser use of force? If so, was it used? Was it successful? Did it fail?
    6) What was the demeanor of citizens or other officers?
    7) Were there other events that might have been missed or misunderstood?

  17. Holy shit almost 40 minutes of making excuses why the cop did nothing wrong. I'm sorry but we are judging you! That's the point of a cop, you are held to much higher standard than a private citizen. You are suppose to have a minimum of 500 hours of training just before you get to work in your department, then on top of which you are suppose to be shadowing a senior or veteran officer for a least 6 months. If a private citizen who has no training no experience shot a cop by accident because the police went to the wrong address or got the wrong information he'd be dead or life in prison. In many states having a gun for protection is quite legal and if someone is busting down your front door in middle of the night and your half a sleep you have no idea whats going on. Also you know is you gotta protect yourself and your family.

  18. I think the saving grace for this officer is it was a prank call, and since the person who made the call created the situation the officer was not charged and the caller is responsible. If it had been a real situation the officer may have been charged but the police do have more protections allowed than the average citizen does.

  19. My only argument is that when SWAT is deployed, the situation is automatically being escalated and the question is…was verification made on the target before pulling the trigger? It's a damned if you do, damned if you don't, but at the end of the day, you are supposed to keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to shoot. Shouldn't we expect the same mentality when handling the call?

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