30 thoughts on “whatever happened to “observe and report” for security guards???

  1. johnny five o You do understand according to the Constitution and way beyond any knowledge of the 1st Amendment that Any citizen may investigate and enforce the law, and that includes federal agents. Under our system of government, all citizens are policemen. You as a regular law enforcement officer may outrank ordinary civilians, but they have the same authority to enforce the law against felonies and more serious misdemeanors that you do, and that authority should be respected. When the offense is one of those four that the federal government has jurisdiction over on state territory, federal agents have the prior authority. However, in all other cases, your authority is superior to theirs. They may assist you, conduct investigations, and make arrests, with your consent, but then they are obligated to turn over the evidence and the suspect to you for prosecution under state or local law.

  2. I remember watching a video maybe a year back of a high speed chase apparently caused by somebody shoplifting at Walmart. The result was the accused shoplifter ended up crashing and was killed in the crash. This video and that one just seem so utterly senseless. Things are just getting way out of control.

  3. Perhaps wedging the tires with spiked blocks before she has the chance panic over what he is attempting would be a starting point. Thinking through HOW you are going to stop a running car with a motivated driver should be a starting point before raising your leg to unsuccessfully kick out the windows.

  4. WOW!!! That is one dedicated and sorely un educated fella working security! Did he even realize he right next to around 4,000 lbs. Of steel/fiberglass wielded by a either permanently and/or temporarily disabled mind of which I would assume was human…but I'm not sure at this point….S.M.H.

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