What the hell happened in Spain’s elections? | The Marc Steiner Show

Spain’s elections on July 23 yielded a surprise result that’s left the country without a government for more than 10 weeks now. While the conservative Partido Popular (PP) won the most votes, no clear majority was established. The far-right party Vox also made significant gains, and has established ruling coalitions with PP at the local level. Yet nationally, left and center-left forces have managed to impede a conservative-led government from forming. Now, Pedro Sánchez of the Spanish Socialist Workers Party has been tapped by Spain’s king to lead a new effort to form a coalition government. The left might just snatch a victory from the jaws of defeat—but it depends on whether they can rally nationalist Catalan and Basque parties to their side. Professor Bécquer Seguin of John Hopkins University and Professor Sebastiaan Faber of Oberlin College join The Marc Steiner Show to follow up on an explainer they wrote for The Nation about just what on earth is going on in Spain, and what it portends for European politics at large.

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23 thoughts on “What the hell happened in Spain’s elections? | The Marc Steiner Show

  1. "Machismo" is the one word that Spain has given to the world. I went there many years ago and left before I'd originally intended and never went back. Do the "men" still pinch the bottoms of unescorted women in the street? 🤔
    PS: Yekkkkkkkkhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!

  2. Has the center-left coalition really done that much for working people on the economic front, on the front of social programs?
    From what I have heard they have not. It has also been at best ambivalent vs the union movement. At worst it send in the army against a strike in Cadiz. This is demobilizing for a part of the left's electoral base.
    So I don't really accept the argument that there is a need to compromise on the "culture war." The issue is the government not doing enough to help people on socio-economic front… of ultimately being too milk toast reformist, too willing to compromise with the system

  3. Why is this Sebastian guy calling it "multi-national" nature of Spain? These people are Spanish. It's multi-cultural or multi-ethnic maybe, but stop calling minorities of a different 'nationality'. Typically a Dutch guy. In the Netherlands you're never ever Dutch, even when you are 4th generation immigrant.

  4. This was a good synopsis of current Spanish politics. The guests are well-informed about the nitty-gritty of political events in Spain but they failed to make sufficient allowance for the legacy of the Spanish civil war where the Francoist fascists morphed into the Partido Popular (PP) and after the death of Franco the socialists were no longer outlawed and became the Partido Socialista Obrero Español (PSOE). This division settles the matter for most voters and it is surprising that after more than 30 years of Franco government, the socialists, outlawed until recent memory is as popular as the party of the conservative PP. Catalonia and the Basque Country still exist after their languages were outlawed by Franco and the PP is not as privileged as its falangist forerunner.

  5. People need to stop this "will they won't they" nonsense. No matter where, the near right will side with the far right, no matter how far right, rather than let the near OR far left gain ground. Moderates are just self-denying right wingers who want to believe that they're more "reasonable" or "rational," but will always side with the right if the status quo is challenged…which only happens by the left, because the right reinforces the status quo by taking it to more (hierarchical) extremes.

    Scratch a liberal and a fascist bleed. Waggle your finger at a moderate and a fascist screams.

    Also, quit talking about republics as though they're "democracies." The masses have no say in what their governments do once elected, so "rule of the people" excludes them by default. "The people" who rule are the elites, just as under feudalism, except that now it's elections instead of bloodlines which determines which of them or their puppets hold official positions; UNOFFICIALLY, the elites still rule. They control the media, they have direct and easy/regular access to politicians and bureaucrats; the masses have to organize just to be heard. A republic is only "democratic" for the elite. The right to vote on who will rule is not democratic. It's just "elective authoritarianism."

  6. We in Canada were used to that dynamic for over half a century. The Bloc Quebecois represented what they called The Nation of Quebec (Quebec Federal) but existed as a federal Canadian party. One of only 5 parties at that time. I remember the point where whichever of the old parties, the Liberals and the Conservatives, would broker a deal with the Bloc, would be the governing party. It was scary and weird but, at least, the Liberal Party did the deal.

  7. Per the thumbnail, the Freemason sign is clear (the shut L eye) and tells us everything we need to know about the so-called "rise of the left". Soon the whole world will be Left, and then One, God help us😫

  8. Like in the U.S. the owners divide the people over non economic issues. The people always get screwed by the owners who also own the politicians. In the U.S. it doesn't matter whether Biden or Trump wins when it comes to economics. Trade agreements, tax laws, military spending, countries that get money or get sanctions its all the same. In Spain they play them on the independence issue but the wealthy in each of those areas continue to support right wing fascist policies because it is enriches them at the expense of the people.

  9. There is no real left in Spain, Podemos was left like but it didn’t last as the inquisition killed it. Yes Spain still has inquisition it just launches against any thing that is anti church. Catholic Church is very powerful and runs thing in liaison with people who got rich under Franco, in the background. Over 95 percent of Spanish wealth, businesses and industry is still in the hands of the Franquista. So called left are very much Catholics some even members of Opus Dei.

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