What it Takes To Be a Good Cop (In a Bad World) Part 1

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This is the first in a four part series on what it takes to be a good cop in a bad world. There are four key areas: fitness, mindset, relationships, and career goals and each has their own problems and solutions that I’ll cover in brief through the series.

For Fitness (Or perishable physical skills in general) the problems are schedule, injuries and laziness. The solutions are pretty simple: choose to make progress not achieve perfection and have a serious gut check about the value of this in your life and career.

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20 thoughts on “What it Takes To Be a Good Cop (In a Bad World) Part 1

  1. This is all true for Fire as well.
    Not quite as critical for EMS, but still important. Anyone who doubts me is welcome to push chest for a mere two minutes, or lift a stretcher with a 220lb (100kg) patient.
    To be honest, everyone can benefit from most of this advice. Not just first responders.

    Thanks Mike. 😎

  2. Really like the edits on the video! Good job whoever did the editing, unless it was the underpaid producer, if so then it was shitty

  3. I don’t for a second believe wearing a badge is easy. I will admit I’m not willing to do it.

    Perfection is not required, but an understanding that mistakes that violate rights are not acceptable. That does create more danger, but I will point at anyone who violates the rights of innocent people.

    It’s better that guilty people go free then innocent people pay a price without justification.

    Again, it’s not a job I’m willing to do. If I make a huge mistake I die along with hundreds of others. If I don’t make a mistake it’s only me and a couple others there for the same purpose, but either way I won’t have to live with it, only my family will.

  4. While you mentioned it briefly about the fat slob who eats junk food; supplements and proper dieting make a huge difference as well. With programs like trifecta and clean eatz, there are hundreds of meal prep services that can help you stay away from the burger and fries. This can make fitness easier because fatty rich foods make us feel sluggish and tired, where proper nutrition can increase energy levels and give us an extra boost to do some workouts.

  5. I believe every veteran should have first choice at any openings in law enforcement until all PDs are filled with true patriots that won't enforce these tyrannical unconstitutional laws.

  6. This is pathetic, I was a great cop for 6 years. You know what that got me in return? NOTHING! Being a cop is a fool's quest. To the potential fools, do yourself a favor. Pick up another set of skills and pick another career because not only does society not support you, neither will your city, your command staff, your chief or anyone else in your department. There is NO support, you'll be thrown under the bus at a moment's notice. There is no nobility in this job. Mike the Cop lol, you're not a cop anymore.

  7. One of by closest friends is a female officer. She is the fittest person I know. She eats healthy, lifts, and does cardio. She knows her work performance depends on her being physically and mentally fit. She is also one of the most caring people I've ever met. Always thinks of others. Every day I thank God that he put her in my path. These are hard times. Life would be much harder for me if we'd never met. I pray I will always be the friend she can depend on. God bless her and all the other wonderful officers who truly care.

  8. Most people don't realize that a vest holds heat in like a heavy coat. They are miserable in summer here in Southern Texas and are very hard on the body.

  9. It seems that there is too much sitting in car not doing shit time when I'm busy at work I keep at it I don't eat but when we get slow during winter I'm snacking out of boredom kinda shows ya what most cops do all day

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