What if you do everything right in a traffic stop and it still goes wrong? #copwatchers

Hello my amazing PAR family! What do you do if you are a passenger during a traffic stop? What if that traffic stop becomes a fishing expedition and a false DUI? What is one of the most important things you can do to help the driver? (That is if you choose to stay– you do have the right to not provide ID and leave before the investigation turns to you) Well, I hope you will take the time to watch this extra long special episode of our report where we show even if you do everything right, sometimes you need a helping hand! And we are pleased to highlight the amazing work of legendary cop watcher @TomZebra and the incredible @LaurasharkCW and exceptional @JodieKatMediaFTP.
I think we will be moving to an every other week schedule for our PAR Thursday nights so we will have our big livestream not next week but the week after August 24th. I CANNOT wait to have the chance to talk to you all during the livestream and hear your thoughts! I know folks on YT say this but the people who watch and support The Police Accountability Report really are special! You folks truly care about justice, fairness and respect for our constitution and that fact continually gives me hope even when things seem dark.
I appreciate you all so much that’s why I consider you my PAR family. Looking forward to seeing you soon! And as always, please, be safe out there! (Here is the link to the full report) https://youtu.be/FTffpvCC20s
And if you want you can follow me on social media for behind the scenes or just keep an eye on me and get updates on my next investigation by following me at https://www.facebook.com/taya.m.graham or https://twitter.com/tayasbaltimore https://www.tiktok.com/@policeaccountabilityrep?_t=8WHbxQapIwo&_r=1 and our Patreon for extras www.patreon.com/accountabilityreports

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47 thoughts on “What if you do everything right in a traffic stop and it still goes wrong? #copwatchers

  1. This is why it’s imperative all drivers have forward and rear-facing dash cams, and cloud based, because the police will steal your memory cards to cover up their abuses of power.

  2. Domestic Terrorists don't care about the wreckage they leave behind. They actually laugh about it back at the station. Karen Garner. Google her.

  3. This is for Court, I hope. First, I'll send it to Judge Ray of Light, and I'll expect him to sweep it under the rug. He doesn't want to see the evidence I give him. His honor took one month to consider my forma pauperis for a small claims lawsuit against the arresting officer. I was denied because my reasoning for the suit is frivolous and malicious.
    And His Honor either didn't read my complaint or he made up a story that I am disputing my DWI.
    I am not.
    I am disputing the felonies committed on my behalf by Heber Springs Police Department…
    Such as the falsification of bodycam evidence. 1. Falsification of both the footage by police reenactment and 2. intense falsification of bodycam files both before and after my trial. 3. Conspiracy to falsify evidence and destroy evidence and withhold evidence I needed; and had requested for my trial on 20 occasions. 4. Failure of the Heber Springs Police Department to provide me any useful or truthful evidence according to my #FOIA request for 20 items.
    Eventually, I will get to D.A. #DanielHaney 's setting up me for failure at my trial. His #chainofcustody concerning the falsified evidence and his #BradyViolations.
    All I want from this country as a citizen are fair trials. I have every reason to doubt that fairness will be upheld for me.
    Because of my motion for fairness will be denied, I am going public with my case and my complaints about law enforcement in Heber Springs #arkansas


  4. Can cops come to your house several times like 4 times threatening if they find that person they are going to arrest you …the person has never lived here

  5. When are American citizens going to realize to never roll down your windows or unlock your doors to domestic terrorists/nazis in police uniforms across America? I've installed shatter proof film on all of my windows, and installed cameras with audio equipment on all of my personal property in America. Make these domestic terrorists/nazis go all the way to violate your constitutional rights in America.

  6. This is a 21st. Century version of “Slave Chasers,” “Slave Patrols” or “Pattyrollers.” So-called law enforcement has its origins in hunting down enslaved people who escaped the CRUELTY of the plantation. Then, if the captured person died during punitive actions the enslaver was immune because of the 1669 “Casual Killing Act,” which shielded the MURD€R€R from prosecution and is the same as “Qualified Immunity” or the “Law Enforcement’s Bill of Rights” for modern-day police!!!🤬

  7. That's the driver's fault. The window tint is also the drivers fault. Show the judge you're video and be a responsible driver that has all valid documents. That's the law.

  8. Get to Detroit immediately. Check Democracy Now for the latest in shock tyranny. Reporting these long train of abuses is not producing new and better ways to stop the madness. Where’s the political education? This shit is entrenched and now AI is changing the game. Get outside your silo.

  9. united we stand divided we fall 🇺🇸❤
    i watched this report great reporting.
    taya and steve. we the people are proud of you…😊

  10. It's okay because one day soon they'll all be gone either at the hands of themselves or at the hands of others or from being totally defunded and either way I could care less as long as they're gone.

  11. APPALLING!” So Inhumane, Taya, hope you’re able to help the young couple . SUED, The Department and The police officers. The Officer, with his hand on the driver arm disgusting.
    The lady Officer, was awful everything She said were lies. May God, supernatural bless you and the young couple .
    In Jesus Name Amen

  12. My first thought…Don't these cops have anything better to do? Then I'd point out their windows are a lot Darker than mine.

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