Watch this sheriff VIOLATE several laws while talking about safety! Can you find more?

Sheriff bill leeper makes a beautiful Video about safet for the peasants but demonstrated violating several laws in this video. Can you name some?


Parked over sidewalk

Use of lights and sirens

Stop and parking

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46 thoughts on “Watch this sheriff VIOLATE several laws while talking about safety! Can you find more?

  1. You: gets ticket for not using turn signal to lane change on empty road.

    Cop across the street: Rolls stop sign after talking distractedly into a camera like he's Ferris Beuler and the rest of the world is in pause, while improperly wearing seatbelt, and playing with siren for no reason causing the cars next to him to react an panic making immediate movements when he pulls besides them suddenly, and the cars behind him to slam on their breaks. After likely closing down an entire major street that leads to a highway, so they could set up a camera crew beside him to film copaganda.

    Cop writing you summons: "Here is your ticket, you can fight it in court if you want, wont make a difference', before speeding off without looking both ways.

    You: None of this surprises me at all anymore.

  2. This sheriff is unimpressive. Legend has it that this was the third take: he wrecked two other cruisers while making illegal re-entries into the highway.

  3. I personality don't want police to wear seatbelts , I have a vision of the squad car doing barrel rolls spitting the officer out then landing on them and nobody can find them rite away .

  4. You harass one of us, the rest remember. Sooner or later one of us will catch up with you. You'd be amazed how many different reasons there are for us to pull you over. The thin blue line is EVERYWHERE, and we take care of our own!😂🤣

  5. if watching this doesn’t bother me why does it bother you people so much? the internet creates alotta hate….. contributes to hate crimes towards cops! but yet YOU ALL will call 911 when your in trouble and want this guy to help….. you people are allll pathetic and i hope you need em one day and they don’t show. not all cops are perfect and those who do wrong should be punished …. but this?? give me a break you buncha cry babies

  6. We all know that the true Sovereign Citizens are those who are in Uniform, badge, and gun. Thus, it is perfectly legal for them to violate laws and us "civilians" must follow each and every law.

  7. Ponder this Bat Man. The courts have ruled that you or I, being mere peons, have to know EVERY LAW. Cops are too stupid to learn the law, the courts have ruled that cops don't need to know every law.
    So when I cop is off duty, does he then have to know all of the laws?

  8. NOTHING government or their "agents" do is for your safety!  Nothing!  Never was or has been!  That's the big lie!  It's about control and extortion.

  9. Cops that breaks traffic law needs to be fine and sent home for two weeks without pay and they keep breaking the law over and over again then they need to be fired and never get to work in any law enforcement department every

  10. Guess what. I don't care who you are and no one else does either. Put your lights on if there is a reason like a road hazard or accident down, otherwise leave hardworking people the ever hell ALONE!

  11. JMA wish you only the best. Educational cool informative and comfortable. Your news reporting is great. I know people want to do more to be a part of holding law accountable. At the end of the day we know where we stand. A man named JMA in the front!

  12. Hey James Madison, can you do a video on this guy, he was prosecuted for public photography and his YouTube channel. Then at trial the prosecutor threatens him and he caught it on a recording. He could really use some attention on his Video! Thanks!

  13. .Cops do not work for the public they work for Satans asshole "Government n Big Corporations".all for revenue and to fill up the jails n prisons again for revenue. Big money". In doing so they are allowed to rape take and murder anyone they choose. There's no such thing as a good cop

  14. You have better content JMA. I'm on your side, break us off real content. This is scrapping the bottom of the barrel. Please, get the gold stuff and post.

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