Deputy T-bones 80 year old man in a motorcade escort crash

All parties are innocent until proven guilty. It appears that a deputy t boned another vehicle coming through an intersection.

I believe The deputy speaking to fhp trooper about this portion Of the statute

“1. Vehicular traffic facing a circular green signal may proceed cautiously straight through or turn right or left unless a sign at such place prohibits either such turn. But vehicular traffic, including vehicles turning right or left, shall yield the right-of-way to other vehicles and to pedestrians lawfully within the intersection or an adjacent crosswalk at the time such signal is exhibited.”

Cautiously. And the deputy is possibly stating he didn’t shifting the liability to the 80 year old man.

Based on the damages it appears to be a pretty significant speed and impact.

The deputies were either in progress or finishing a memorial service. I do not know if funeral processions are applicable here.

Jockeying intersections are the most dangerous. Motors and other tail cars can exceed speed limits by double in some occasions. Getting to the next intersection.

The sergeant taking to fhp may not be the deputy involved. There’s an unintelligible name said and that deputy may have been taken to the hospital.

Fhp will have a report done. I will publish it on

I suspect with the deputies statements to the fhp trooper that they’re going to have a mandatory drivers re exam.

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Due to the age of the person hit, the deputies are shifting responsibility to that driver who had a green. The reexamination is a single tick box on the crash report. It requires you to take your driving test all over.

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24 thoughts on “Deputy T-bones 80 year old man in a motorcade escort crash

  1. All I know is the following:

    #1The unmarked unit suffered damage consistent with speeds between 30-40mph ( I used to work for IIHS, so I know what I'm talking about)

    #2The red car has damage consistent w/ a vehicle at a perpendicular angle striking it, thus (w/o video) it's hard to ascertain who "may" have had a green but based on three separate officers accounts (the elderly man had the ROW).

    #3 I as a family member and/or attorney would be demanding ALL relevant video, data, telemetry/gps information (from the unmarked unit) as well as as ANY video from the scene (before/after the crash) AND FST's/blood work on the officer in question.

    #4 None of the requested info obtained through FOIA or legal discovery better have been altered, edited, "lost" or otherwise tampered with in ANY WAY

    #5 Immediately have the elderly man checked by EMT's AND transported to the ER as a matter of record so there are NO loose ends when it comes time to SUE THE SHIT out of this department.

  2. Well Mr. Audit, I'd have to say my personal thoughts on this one include the following…#1. What a kiss ass this cop is while attempting to muddy up the facts and steer the incident in his favor. #2. Could he have chosen a more insensitive and inappropriate time to frame up another driver with his own terrible driving mistakes. #3. How does one smash up and 80 year old man's car and then insult his intelligence with his bogus story. After all, do our elders not deserve to be treated with the utmost respect just because? This is a real live version of adding insult to injury, my grandmother used to say that all the time…..And #4. When an officer Clearly begins to lie about his actions, and that could be any version of misconduct, and driving violations it speaks volumes to me in consideration of the need to audit our law enforcement officers. A lie is just instinctive reaction and behavior that is used to hide anything that a person does not feel comfortable sharing and known and that, my friend, is proof in my eyes that a DIRTY PIG IS COMPLETELY AWARE THAT LAWS ARE MEANT TO GOVERN EVERY HUMAN BEING including every profession even if they work in law enforcement, and I believe that they have a bigger responsibility to follow laws in order to set the highest standard of a law abiding citizen! Of course I also believe that to be true for every profession of trust. I'm sure I could say so much more but for now I'm just grateful that you are working so hard in such an unpredictable and unsafe way to persuade Americans to open their eyes and learn our rights in order to fix this fucked up system for our children's children and so on because equal never changes nor is it similar

  3. The body language and expressions belie one that is attempting to convince a trooper their guy was in the right with mockery and patronization. The blue line ties this scene up. Watch the age of the victim become a deciding factor of responsibility.

    Someone will send their dashcam footage of this to the many "dashcam and road-rage" channels, possibly unaware that a pig-car is involved.

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