21 thoughts on “Update: Texas Cop Watcher Arrested Again. #PAR #shorts

  1. Keep up the efforts to make law enforcement be subject to enforced regulations when questions of conduct arise not under, within or in injunction with any legal entity that may eeven be indirectly connected to public safety.

  2. Once the cops get their hands on that badge and that gun, and that sweet, sweet "qualified immunity" the bullsh*t OATH that they SWORE to the United States Constitution goes RIGHT OUT THE WINDOW! That's when they allow their MASSIVE EGOS coupled with their EMOTIONAL INSTABILITY to take over and they just start MAKING UP their own laws and rules to enforce. That DISGUSTING "qualified immunity" PROTECTS them from EVER needing to actually LEARN HOW TO DO THEIR JOBS CORRECTLY. Cops have the ONLY "profession" in America where you can be HORRIBLE AT YOUR JOB, COMPLETELY UNPROFESSIONAL, and EMOTIONALLY UNSTABLE and it's perfectly acceptable. That sweet, sweet "qualified immunity" is doing absolutely NOTHING but making TYRANNICAL MONSTERS out of the cops and they are TERRORIZING American citizens EVERY SINGLE DAY.

  3. The police across the country have demonstrated the need to police the police. It would be great if they were beyond the clutches of authoritarianism, but clearly, they need help keeping on the right side of a free country.

  4. I don’t like these shorts. There’s no date so ya have no idea when this was from. Obviously 3 months ago or so but can you please starts saying it’s 00/00/00 so we know 🙏🙏🙏🙏

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