East Palestine, Ohio train wreck: Railroad workers explain why Wall St is to blame

What caused the Norfolk Southern train wreck in East Palestine, Ohio, and who should be held accountable? Is the issue at hand just a problem of brakes, or is there a more systemic cause behind the 1000+ train derailments each year in the US? Retired railway workers Jeff Kurtz and Mark Burrows join TRNN Editor-in-Chief Maximillian Alvarez to explain how railroad workers’ long fight for better conditions against Wall St profiteers is at the heart of this tragic story.

Post-Production: Eli Ben-Yaacov

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25 thoughts on “East Palestine, Ohio train wreck: Railroad workers explain why Wall St is to blame

  1. What bunch of nonsense; if you take the profit motive out of transportation then transportation will become as sluggish as every "service" that the govt provides and what is more, any industry that uses the rails will see the cost of business go up and with it, the cost of every and any consumer item that in anyway uses its services. Once that happens then every company that makes use of rails will, in an effort to stay competitive, make as little use of trains as possible and, that will mean planes and 18 wheelers. Im no engineer but im willing to bet that, despite the systemic issues insinuated, rails are probably a hell of alot safer than semis, and they're probably a hell of a lot greener too. And once this happens and the railways are no longer producing a profit – just like the USPS – then who do you think will absorb the cost of simply maintaining the railways and paying the salaries, benefits and pensions of all involved? How much more expensive do you think the operating costs of freight are as compared to the USPS ?..In regard to safety, i hope no one watching is naive enough to believe that govt run industry is safer than private industry, but if you are, i ask you to please think of all of the "Mean while in Russia" videos you've seen, and think of how many of these videos are videos of construction workers and drivers, and then please ask yourselves why you dont see that many videos of that grotesque level of negligence in American industry. Please research what percentage of Russian "construction companies", are ether in their greater part, or entirely "nationalized". Better still, ask yourself what recourse an enlisted worker for the DoD has, if they are exposed an airborne toxic substance, say, like the indoor air of a disintegrating air plane hangar. Why do you think that so many base and unit commanders, in spite of the bio environmental legal requirements to test for the viability of all facilities and consumables, still manage to expose enlisted men and some officers to toxins of the worst sort for years? There are no profit losses to be suffered by disuse of non viable facilities, there should be nothing but the utmost care and concern taken for the health of airmen, soldiers, seamen, and marines. These populations, by this line of reasoning, should be the least liable to suffer toxic exposures. Do you think this last statement to be true? Why does it take an act of congress to get a nominal remuneration for exposure to the second most toxic substance in the goddamn water? Why is it that, in the absence of the corrupter of souls (profit motive), there wasn't in the very least an awareness campaign raised in Camp Lejune given that commanders could, by force of law, dispose of marines and soldiers as they choose?….Suing people and organizations to the point of bankruptcy, is one of the best tools of accountability we have and it's only government and its whore "private" organizations that seek, and successfully find, exclusion from this means of accountability. They are after all, the ones that run the courts.

  2. I know where to start. Everyone take a month off at the same time. Wildcat style. As for rh braking system, i think airs rhe way to go. Rhey dont apply at the same time but within a few seconds rheir all on. Ive pulled trailers with both air and electric braking and there's no comparison. Then fire all your union leadership. Elect one from among yourselves. From what ive heard and seen, they didnt do shit for ya this time.

  3. The government should NEVER get involved in Union discussions! The Union leaders are all democrats and they’ll back them no matter how it destroys union work!

  4. What I learned about trains help me while I drove as a truck drive. The true methods of railroading without cutting corners works. Handling one 53' trailer can be a hand full and I can only imagine multiple railcars with slack in between each one.

  5. Yoll should take note of the youtube site "Squirrel Tribe" and consider this womans brilliant investigatory processes and thought processes because i put it to yoll, She has nailed that shit! Just saying. No fukin dummy what so ever at all. Very intuitive and conciencous!

  6. Excellent topic. This is why we need the Real News. I have been listening since the days of the sound prompt, probably over 10 plus years ago when you had just one content provider. Bravo.

  7. Yall goofy did anyone of you test the water yourself? Well I did and all I'm gonna say is ya goofy disney + you guys believe everything they tell u on the internet.

  8. 🥺Now white people realize they've been disposable slaves too. 🤔😒

    Chinese people are coming to claim their investments by the millions. They can send 200,000,000 people and still have a billion over there. ☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️💔

  9. Precision Scheduled Railroading (PSR) should NOT be called like this. It's not precise, it's not scheduled, and it's going to be no-more-railroading at some point if things continues like they do. It's a brutal cost-cutting scheme that leaves railroads in a dire situation, devoid of the necessary resources to adequately and safely operate trains and serve customers in a timely manner. All this can be traced down to one man: E.Hunter Harrison, who first implemented the concept at Illinois Central, then at Canadian National, next at Canadian Pacific and finally at CSX, until his death. Unfortunately, hedge funds now expect all railroads (except BNSF, who is privately-owned) to operate like this. For all I know, he can rot in Hell, bathed in vapors of burning vinyl chloride.

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