TYRANT PIGS SET US UP !! Provo Utah – First Amendment Audit – Amagansett Press

TYRANT PIGS SET US UP !! Provo Utah – First Amendment Audit – Amagansett Press

Address: 48 S 300 W, Provo, UT 84601
Phone: (801) 852-6210
Chief: Rich Ferguson


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U.S. Constitution NOT void where prohibited by law !!

We believe that many of our rights and civil liberties as American citizens on American soil are at great risk and that a simple act of civil disobedience has the power to effect great change. While we have no interest or intention in breaking any law, we are willing to stand up for freedom and the constitution at any time and at any place and do so in a responsible and productive manner. It is our goal to create free and open discussion whenever possible in an effort to educate both ourselves and anyone with a desire to learn. A well known rule of government is that ignorance is no excuse for the law. It is our stand that we as Americans have been either uninformed or misinformed regarding our laws and rights for far too long. We are not attorneys or scholars, however we have been involved in professional photography for over 30 years and have had our rights and freedoms challenged more times than we can remember. No one group or person has the ability to effect change across the board, however we are committed to doing our part by continuing to stand up for our constitutional right to free press and the right to take photographs and video in public. All donations will be used exclusively to further this cause. We want to thank you in advance for your support of what we do and want you to know that we are committed to working harder than ever to defend our rights, your rights and the Freedom to Film in Public!!
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32 thoughts on “TYRANT PIGS SET US UP !! Provo Utah – First Amendment Audit – Amagansett Press

  1. Awake yet!? See…

    The 2nd Amendment doesn’t apply to semi-auto rifles, nor does it apply to Bolt Action Rifles, Pistols or Revolvers.

    The Second Amendment restricts Government.

    The Technology of the Firearm is irrelevant.

    The restrictions on Government stay the same, regardless of the firearm.

    The Second Amendment was not written to grant permission for Citizens to own and Bear firearms.

    It FORBIDS Government interference in the RIGHT to keep and Bear Arms, PERIOD!!

    “The Right of the People to keep and bear Arms SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED”.

  2. I appreciate your videos very much thank you, and I hope you and your son are having a very great trip together

  3. A lot of people drink alcohol. as medicine , it's just that there's people without , self-control. Even Jesus said , you could drink, just watch what you're. doing,, take a look in a mirror, you have your eyes , and you have your ears , and your mouth and your body is in your control, Free Will free choice, judgment , nobody made you do it

  4. Why you don't call the supervisor . That cops are dirty. The employees alcoholics the security no doubt. The hippa is because the alcoholism is a disease lolol and she is drunk as hell

  5. So by invoking your Constitutional Rights and obeying the law still makes someone upset then the Police can still trump a charge of disorderly conduct. So….feelings do outweigh the law and a individuals rights. The Police have been violating the law pretty much in every way and circumstance since who knows how long. Absolute power corrupts, absolutely. No truer words ever spoken.

  6. C- for the beard of auditing. Come on, man! When you’re carrying a firearm, you have a special duty to diffuse every situation you are in. This is 2A 101. Your audit would have more bang if you held your tongue and showed the miserable behavior of government employees, but you sometimes you cannot keep your mouth shut. This kind of “audit” harms the audit cause.
    I’m still a fan because I’ve seen you do so much good, but, as you always say, YOU can learn something from this and be on your best behavior when carrying. Let the miserable employees be the show.

  7. I think that's only the right thing to do to file a complaint against this man who was flipping you off he is after all his State worker and they're held to a higher standard.

  8. Maybe should have asked for their supervisor , these kids look like they know nothing about the right you have. Very uneducated. Cop even said I don’t know what to do lol

  9. HIPAA at a liquor store? Maybe that's the only way they kept those open during lockdown – by tying them to the health department? Lol Holy crap.

    Just FYI at one point HHS was moved under DHS (probably still is but I couldn't find it). They're trying to put us all in the same open air cage folks!

  10. hippa violation in a liquor store…… taking pictures of customers….filming permit….. another clueless state employee… cop -"we got a call about someone disorderly… i understand the first amendment thing….. BUT…..we have enough for disorderly conduct…."

  11. Mr. policy officer what suspicion do you have that I am in commerce? For if I am not in commerce, statute codes policy regulations, and executive orders have no effect on me and I am not bound to follow them, I follow the law and the laws are the Constitution of the United States of America and the Bill of Rights, and they are the foundation and standing of these documents are in the Declaration of Independence, I am independent of commerce and I'm not bound by it unless I am in commerce, and that is by my own discretion and consent and The time of my choosing, so what suspicion do you have that I'm in commerce that would create you any authority?

  12. Things are not going well for me. My wife passed away. My son killed himself and I have had 2 cars stolen in the past 6 months. Stay safe out there.

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