32 thoughts on “Tyrant cop hits man with car and plays music to violate rights! #cops #firstamendment

  1. You should fall down and injure yourself. Demand an ambulance. Go to the hospital. Watch them squirm. All cops are the only true criminals in America. Defund the police.

  2. Look at the copyright laws it doesn't go against copyright laws just because he filmed it. it has to be the original song and he is not claiming ownership of the song so he can film it. Totally legal.

  3. If he did nothing about it other than make a vidoeo then it's only gonna get worst…they ok NY change when you can formally write complain forward to the right and send it up the change including sue to get their certifications taken

  4. Man in video went to the ER today. Too many hours after alleged incident to claim excruciating pain in his knees. He lived steam from room and hospital results show no evidence of injury related to impact of vehicle.

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