Trump’s Executive Order on Anti-Semitism Attacks Free Speech, Palestinians, and Jews

Dima Khalidi discusses the legal and civil society ramifications of President Trump’s executive order adopting the controversial IHRA working definition on antisemitism, defining Judaism as a race or nationality, which would threaten free speech on US campuses and sow divisions among US Jews, and criminalize the BDS movement.

Director/Video Editor: Taylor Hebden
Audio Engineer: Bababtunde Ogunfolaju
Chase Producer: Genevieve Montinar

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26 thoughts on “Trump’s Executive Order on Anti-Semitism Attacks Free Speech, Palestinians, and Jews

  1. Everyone knows or should know, that Trump's "antisemitism" applies only to Israel and those claiming to be Jewish, and will automatically exclude the several other peoples who are also Semitic peoples.

  2. VICTIMS HAVE BEEN SEEN AS THE PROBLEM AND THE VICTIMIZERS HAVE BEEN HELD AS UPSTANDING CITIZENS. POINT IN FACT – KKK versus any non-White person, KKK versus anyone daring to stand up for non-White people. So now the table is just going to be expanded to government versus anyone and everyone that doesn't accept the definitions of whatever #45 and his cohorts declare. Welcome to the world regular non threatening Black and Brown folk have lived for years.

  3. "If some random Joe out in the sticks of Minnesota or the Dakotas questions the ) wish cultural vaccinators in the US, Tel Aviv hears about it. If a soccer mom in the Palisades donates to a Palestinian orphanage, Tel Aviv hears about it. If a shopper in New York boycotts half a pound of I s r a e l i cherry tomatoes, Tel Aviv knows about it. If an antisemitic ant in Yellowstone Park detours from the picnic of a ) wish visitor, Tel Aviv knows about it. You bet Tel Aviv has your information and your vital statistics – it didn’t even have to buy it – it has for years now burrowed its agents and schemes right up every orifice of your American life and body – and ironically, you’ve paid them for this invasive service yourself with your tax dollars. You may think DC answers to you, the law-abiding taxpayer and voter, but DC answers ONLY to Tel Aviv. Tel f**king Aviv. Your Big bastard ) w i s h Brother."
    *) w i s h T e r r o r i s m by Taxi.

  4. Isn't it time to admit the GOD of Abraham is simply a primitive anthropomorphic fiction.Cruel men believe in a cruel god and use their belief to excuse their cruelty.

    Is there an intelligent man or woman now in the world who believes in the Garden of Eden story? If you find any man who believes it, strike his forehead and you will hear an echo. Something is for rent..

  5. Zionism has defied the science of anthropology for over a century with it's claim that Judhism is ethnicity. Ethnic Jews do inhabit the Earth and they are mostly second class citizens often as Muslims or Christians in Israel.

  6. The civil rights laws were always to promote Rothschild Zionism.

    America has always been a fake rebel scam.

    Santa Claus belongs to these same business scammers – not Christians.

    Any group identity has been weaponized against us.

    The 9/11 Truther group like I have associated with us also weaponized. It's what got Trump elected.

    The same thing for LGBT.

    Most people are not smart and strong enough to be libertarian where you decide based on each situation instead of joining these made up scams like infowarriors or social justice warriors.

    The internet is another scam.

    We thought it was about freedom of choice but that was just the lure to get us to accept a virtual police state to censor and precrime intimidate us so we can't work or get money from an atm or groceries thanks to debit cards.

    We ha E to directly be a united States of the world that balances the individual and group through choice.

    You can't depend on law and government run by banking gangsters.

  7. Take a good look at those in attendance during the signing of the executive order. Kraft has managed to weasel his way out of trouble in Florida! Trump is an unfaithful husband and false Christian, etc. His son-in-law avoids paying taxes…it's all very disconcerting for sure!

  8. Trump is a puppet like all the other leaders, the people that Control the world events, You do not See… follow the Money trail, they interest is Not money, it’s Control …

  9. How can it be anti Semitic when people are not Semitic ,natanyahu himself said they are Khazar ,that’s why Arabs hate them they know they are not Jews,they are pretending to be race that they are not.

  10. Talk about the world fighting against God here is a prefect example of the influence that devil has over the people in the world. And most of it come through the lying devil owned mews media.

  11. …IF Trump knew what education is for and was educated and had commonality, he would know that Semitic; is a people of multiple languages…Northern Hemisphere English: What is the proper term for mixed races?
    … the terms miscegenation and amalgamation were used for unions between blacks, whites, and other ethnic groups. These terms are now often considered offensive and are obsolete. The terms mixed-race, biracial or multiracial are accepted. But, yet, not the Human Race through ignorance.

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