Melting Greenland Could Displace 400M People; UN Climate Deal Does Little to Help

A new study says that Greenland is melting at a pace far faster than previously estimated and could displace 400 million people due to global sea-level rise.

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34 thoughts on “Melting Greenland Could Displace 400M People; UN Climate Deal Does Little to Help

  1. There are so many people denying this even David Icke and other rogue journalists who oppose the hegemony….. If the data is correct not cherry picked or manipulated then it has to be seriously considered since we are at the *solar minimum (2019) and things will start heating up over the next 13 year's as we peak in 2030 (solar maximum) and ebb 2033/34 the earth will seek equilibrium so what does that mean for mankind?
    . Coastal armoring is not the solution!
    Taxpayers and insurance pool(payers) foot the bill for the stupidity of bad planning and trying to own live on the dynamic ever changing coastline whether it be the great lakes, the dead Sea or the Pacific Ocean!
    Relocation is the solution, make it peaceful, make it sincere. Aloha

  2. Have any of you checked the temperature in Greenland at this moment? Nothing above 15 degrees F on the southern most coastal regions. Most of the temperatures are in the negatives and no sun light. Last I heard ice doesn’t melt at those temps unless the UN has changed that too and didn’t tell me.

  3. Am i the only one who's seen and heard that from 2-10 years is ALREADY optimistic? That there's plenty to suggest the climate is ALREADY past a tipping point that's causing catastrophic climate 'events.'
    Meanwhile world leaders act like two drunk whores in a parking lot beating each other senseless for the last soggy bag of Doritos in the dumpster.

  4. Why does everyone think the earth should alway be the same. In the past no ice, then ice, then less ice. Why is the idea of a warming world seen as a bad thing. Warmer would no need for heating houses. More CO2 easy to grow food. Imagine a world warmer is actually way better than a colder one…and a colder one is what is actually happening now. The sun is sleeping. Man can do nothing about he power of natural cycles of this world.
    Man made climate alarmism distracts from actually pollution, especially particulates in cities and water pollution.

  5. For some unimaginable reason you fail so mention the snow now falling in the arctic which will largely replace the ice loss. You also show pictures of glaciers calving. They are not melting, they are breaking up as the weight of snow forces them to flow forward into the sea.
    Weather in the arctic is cyclic and repeats itself, due largely to its position in relation to the sun and the flow of air and ocean currnts. Ice levels were considerably lower in the early 1920's than they are today.
    The climate crisis is a conspiracy to defraud. This report is part of that conspiracy.

  6. Just take a look at the temperature and the amount of carbon that was in the atmosphere right before the medieval cooling period…
    The surface temp of the earth was much higher prior to the medieval cooling period than it is currently (by almost 3 times). Furthermore, the surface temperature of the earth rose BEFORE carbon levels did, and WHEN ATMOSPHERIC CARBON DID RISE, the medieval cooling period proceeded. Al Gore is a scam artist as are most of these so called “climate experts”

  7. Global warming is a scam. The earth is changing its rotation in 3 different ways which is why climate change is occurring. Furthermore, research shows that there is a massive cooling period that follows after large amounts of carbon accumulates in the atmosphere. Man made global warming is a total sham. Although they may contribute to climate change, human impacts are not even close to the main driving force.

  8. in 1969 I watched a television program that said the oceans were rising and Venice was in danger of becoming the new Atlantis, hasn't happened yet, this year the Antarctic ice shield is thickening according to NASA and yet the nonsense continues

  9. How will Greenland look by 2100, Mr. scientist ???? Forget about all the various issues that will rip apart civilization long before then…Sure sea level rise will be extremely serious, but look around you, look around the world, right now…How many catastrophes does it take to enter the apocalypse…..We don't have eighty years of catastrophes left, obviously…..

  10. This video is pure lies and 100% based on fraudulent sources. These scary ' ice melting stories' are not true and pure mass manipulation and fairy tales.
    The climate, world wide, is cooling since 2010. Look at the climate in the US the past years. Bitter bitter cold and wet ! Not due to warming but by global COOLING ! It is a natural cycle based on the sun's activity. The diminishing heat of the sun is responsible. Wake up and check your sources !!

  11. Blame hundreds of instances of stratospheric H-Bomb testing. NOTHING impacted global warming & destruction of Earth's ozone layer on the level of H-Bomb testing. Carbon tax game is a scam. Tax rich out of existence to pay for mass migration to higher ground.

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