Troopers Falsified 26,000 Citations In Massive State Wide Scandal


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21 thoughts on “Troopers Falsified 26,000 Citations In Massive State Wide Scandal

  1. Why do I feel there is a racial element to this story? Most of the real people they gave tickets to were black and most of the made-up tickets are white people.

  2. I used to say that if cops weren't cops they would be criminals. Now I know they can be criminals and cops at the same time.
    Criminal cops need to be prosecuted.

  3. This is not surprising coming from Connecticut. The culture of Connecticut law enforcement appears to be deeply corrupt as exposed in this video and several videos published by Long Island Audit. Connecticut needs major reform to return the government rightfully back to the people.

  4. Who gives a 💩 about this.

    All of this pigs will be promoted with a pay raise and if this pigs are on retirement status they will quit with pay benefits.

    So the F are you talking about.

    The reporter knows better "status of limitations" you are a F-king idiots just for wanting time on this.

  5. This puts all legit tickets these criminals issued into doubt . Not only the officers but their management need to be fired and arrested !

  6. A meeting might not be entirely bad. I could get behind them being offered a reduced sentence if it means that as part of that plea agreement they could never work in the public sector in any capacity ever again, or in the private sector as even a security guard. Will it play out that way? I doubt it.

  7. Oh, no. Cops don't falsify records. Clearly there must be some kind of honest mistake. There must be a simple explanation. Perhaps Internal Affairs can investigate so that they can assure us that there is nothing to see here as usual. As we know, Santa Clause is real and the Easter Bunny rocks. I saw Bigfoot riding a unicorn and found a hooker with a refund policy. So, let's just move on folks. Cops are here to help us and be our friends. Surely this is all a big misunderstanding. Ok, sarcasm practice is over. FTP now and forever. To me, all cops are criminals in some for or another. The fact that they falsified over 26,000 documents doesn't surprise me one bit. Still, methinks that they will try to spin this so that those involved receive little to no accountability.

  8. Tyrants found . There liars. Law enforcement does not know the law. Just make up laws. Always escalate every citizens encounters. They think they have some kind of imaginary authority over innocent civilians. Law enforcement works for the people of the USA. They must follow the constitution of the United States of America period. If they violated there oath they all should be fired period. When they break the laws of the United States they should face the justice system. They think laws do not apply to them, they think above the law there not . They are the sovereign citizen. Law enforcement investigating law enforcement does not work period. Stop violating people and there rights.

  9. Um… punish more white people because black commits more crime to solve the "racial profiling" conspiracy theory.

    I don't blame these cops for what they did.

  10. Nothing more than taxoayer thefts. A quarter of the troopers should be tried and jailed if found guilty. Wow a huge kevel of corruption.

  11. So you dangle a carrot in front of the police

    And like a greedy drug dealer cutting his product even more. Trooper's give Flase reports to increase their bottom line and advanced

    How many kids at West Point, Navy or Air force school became officers after cheating NONE

    Why should any officer stay on the job

    Now if he was told this is SOP from the command staff. Perhaps some lead way and the command staff gets the boot

    See what happens when you dangle money in front of some police

    Not sure our foundering father's would be proud of this nation.

    After all They paid a high price in blood and pain and our vet's have kept up the payments in blood All over the world when called on

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