20 thoughts on “TRNN talks to Kentucky lawmaker Attica Scott, who was arrested at a protest for Breonna Taylor

  1. No matter what d. Cameron does the rest of his life he will be remembered for the injustice to Breonna Taylor. And how he stood with the thin blue ISIS thugs.

  2. No-knock warrants will not pass. First off in the Brianna Taylor case , even though the officers had a no-knock warrant, they did not use it. When it says heard the police knocking and announcing themselves.

    Secondly, that is just too dangerous to law enforcement. Put yourself in the shoes of the cops. You're going into arrest an individual who is known to be armed and dangerous, do you want to give them time to grab their guns and start shooting at you?
    That is beyond foolish.

  3. All this talk about police reform, but nowhere along the way is anybody talking about PEOPLE reform.

    Why is this not part of the message; DO NOT COMMIT CRIMES, or hang around those that do, that put you into play with the police.

    But if you can't help yourself and you have to commit crimes, when the police catch up with you and tell you you are under arrest… surrender peacefully.

    Do not fight or otherwise try to injure or kill the police officers to avoid being taken into custody and make your escape.

    Allow yourself to be peacefully handcuffed. Allow yourself to be peacefully walked to the patrol car and transported to jail. Allow yourself to be peacefully booked into the jail.
    Do your fighting in the court.

    Why is none of THAT an option that is on the table?
    Why do every single one of the of these "people's heroes" seem to be, by any objective standard, criminals?

    Lastly, we don't need any more Revolutions in this country. Particularly not a Marxist inspired revolution.
    We already had to, wanted to give this nation is freedom and the other to hold it together.

    But look at every Marxist are socialist or communist revolution of the 20th century. Look at EVERY one and you will find that the people who were at the top when the Revolution was over, except for one or VERY few others, were eventually "purged" by some strongman that emerged.
    Such revolutions start eating their own and it doesn't take very long for it to happen.

  4. What was done to the group is and was wrong on so many levels!! Brenonna deserves justice. Someone speaking for her, unfortunately she can't speak for herself

  5. I like that Ms. Scott say, " I appreciate you" rather" than the common hackneyed phrase, "I appreciate that." It shows caring and Ms. Scott shows herself a capable and caring individual.

  6. He should lose his job because he didn’t do his job you got a remember they always going to have the top con they were live and die for the master they were ternal mother they were told a mask for mom and dad is ready to run is the same Coombes that they have 400 years ago they got him up to date 2020 they upgraded them they have their own homes now Dan top positions now so don’t believe everything you see Lexi said skin folks in kinfolks

  7. Why do y’all talk like that say exactly what’s in your heart this been going on for more than 400 years and I keep telling you all this you believe in the same people that will press you same thing go for the autopsy you gonna leave what they tell you why do you think they don’t let you be there with your own child when they do the white tops he modify is your baby you care to baby when you’re talking mood buddies police officer used to have your own personal doctor and it should be done in front of them and you because what day does when you let them do it behind closed doors they’re cleaning the rooms they’re making to say exactly what they want that body to prove and say and I have doctors to make it do that stop believingAnd what your oppressor the murder and rape and murder your children and you believe what they say this been going on for years it’s nothing new to Black people do you think the prosecutor the four you know they are not

  8. The only difference between the Louisville PD and Bull Connor's police department is the use of dogs and firehouse on the people.
    The truth is most police departments are havens for white supremacist. The stench of these people starts at the police level and ascends to the courts. This is why so many of our people are in prison today.

  9. The fact that we need to pass Brionna's law in 2020, forcing police to use and turn on body cams before and during the raid of a home or structure should tell you all you need to know about police.

  10. An incompetent lawyer can indict a jelly doughnut! There is no reason that this treasonous lackey couldn't get a indictment on such blatant and outrageous evidence than he should step down. “They who can give up the essentials of liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, loose both, and deserve neither!” – Benjamin Franklin “In the struggle between the powerful and the weak if you don't take sides it doesn't mean you remain neutral. It means you side with the powerful.”
    “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” – John F Kennedy “Civil disobedience becomes a sacred duty when the state becomes lawless and corrupt.” – Mahatma Gandhi “Disobedience is the true foundation of Liberty. The obedient must be slaves.” – Henry David Thoreau

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