Triggered health department Palatka Florida for 1A First Amendment Audit

The Palatka Department of health was triggered when Trying to take a tour of the building. Once again the same old, claiming HIPAA Violation WHen will they get it in their head that THEY violate HIPPA, not I!

Rogue nation channel:

I was glad to meet up with Rogue Nation today and check out what this town had. The only issue was with the health department. Sadly. They learned their lesson.

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40 thoughts on “Triggered health department Palatka Florida for 1A First Amendment Audit

  1. "I don't understand why you would NEED any of this…"

    "We're not out here exercising our needs…"

    She's been reading the Bill of Needs, I guess.

  2. James Madison Audits I absolutely LOVE the way you approach twatwaffles. You are courteous, patient and respectful EVEN when you are telling them off. ONLY you have the unique talent to tell them to F ALL the way off…so calmly and eloquently that it is the most polite "Go F yourself" I have ever encountered. It's literally genius! You patiently try to explain the legality of your work and even reassure people that you intend them no harm. Even the REALLY slow ones that necessitate a sterner schooling….you are able to be verbally stern and confident without sounding like an asshole. I am certain your former profession helps you in some ways BUT your talent for talking to people is all YOU.
    The very first video I watched in the auditing area was the one where you were surrounded by a bunch of badge gang members..they had you trapped in a parking lot. I was hooked on your videos from there and that led me to Rogue and Rights and the rest is history.
    I just wanted to take a minute to mention your disarming style and communication skills and let you know that many of us appreciate the commitment you have and work you put in to your job. Have a great day and please stay safe and healthy.

  3. Gov employees have proven over and over they are the least educated on rights and laws of citizens. And then dumb enough to argue Something they know nothing about.

  4. Web site, if you need their services you probably can’t afford the net. Or afford transportation to a facility that supplies it. These services are kind of a joke for availability.

  5. You are such a liar! The African American woman and her child were in your video. You are unethical and insensitive to other's feelings, but sadly you care only for your own selfish desires and no one else's wishes. If you were my son I'd be ashamed of you, but again you don't care. That just fuels you to continue your escapades.

  6. "We have the right to ask you…" yes first amendment.
    "We have the right to protect our clients" I'm sorry, what amendment does client protection from 1st amendment activity fall under?

  7. When was being rude against the law???? AND these are government workers folks..they speak for themselves!!! DUMB DUMB AND DUMBER!! By show of hands who else hates when people tell you they "understand" but they really don't.????HAHAHAHAHAH

  8. That guy with the beard that followed you along the sidewalk seems to have a difficult time understanding what a constitutionally protected activity is. He’s trying to find a way to keep the auditing public out of “his”facility. Those that try to push you away with a HIPAA violation don’t understand that they are the ones usually violating the law. Perfect example are sign in sheets in a doctor’s office.

  9. james you are the best auditor with amazing speaking abilities, your to the point interaction with cops and your english is refreshing fresh breeze of morning i mean i love the way you converse with pretty accent i mean no foul language and words.. keep educating , more power to law abiding citizens and knowledge of people rights. keep it up bro stay safe

  10. Couldn't stop laughing at the bearded kid (13:30) when he called himself a 'public figure.' What, he can't bring himself to say 'public servant?' Or does he really think he ranks up there alongside the likes of Brad Pitt & Arnold Schwarzenegger? LMFAO @ that one. I wish I was there, so I could correct him and watch him come unglued…. Bad thing is, he looks, acts, sounds just like my one of my sons, who moved out to CA for a little over a year and came back (after almost going bankrupt paying rent in a 2 bedroom with 8 roommates- lol) a liberal snowflake. He pisses off his dad and I everytime he opens his mouth. CA corrupted him. It must be the weather or the constant EQ tremors shaking up people's brains. Before that, he spent almost 2 years in Winter Park, FLA. I blame both these states for his loss of brain function- watching videos like this, I can honestly feel validated in my suspicions….

  11. I had to pause and just mention a disturbing trend I'm noticing: whenever a person mentions the words 'amendment' or 'constitution' to most of these public servants or police employees in general, immediately they roll their eyes and turn away, waving their arms in disgust. They act like you just compares their policy to something completely unreal, like Disney land or some mythical land in a made up place, or even some fantastic monster that only exists in childrens' nightmares! I mean, it's as if they think the constitution is totally make believe and you are crazy if you try to pretend it's a real thing! What is going on? Who brainwashed these people and why? I am just flabbergasted by it. Watch the video at about 5:30 to 6:00 part. See for yourself. Watch some other auditing videos where same thing happens. It just pisses me off! The constitution is deserving of so much more respect. More respect than Hollywood or friggin' Narnia….just sayin'….

  12. Hey man. You was in my town! If you come back hit us up in the Florida carry group. We'll have lunch and you can school me on audits.

  13. Interesting how your mere presence with a camera upsets someone to the point that YOU have to leave. I would remind the manager that it wasn’t all that long ago that the color ones skin made people uncomfortable enough to force that person from the whites only area.

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