Torrance Police Officers Caught Throwing Trash and Water Bottles at Sleeping Man and His Dog

Torrance Police Officers Caught Throwing Trash and Water Bottles at Sleeping Man and His Dog

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31 thoughts on “Torrance Police Officers Caught Throwing Trash and Water Bottles at Sleeping Man and His Dog

  1. What happened to the days when an officer would walk over to the person and see if they were ok and if not, help them and show compassion ? What a real shame there is no humanity left in these lost souls. These two are just pure cowards afraid of a person basically unconscious and a very kind, timid dog and they are on top of table with sticks poking….these two are so scared it is ridiculous. Looks like they are hiring only the most brain dead cowards out there. With all the videos out now, no one should ever wonder why the cops are not respected or trusted.

  2. The LAPD is currently looking at metro for fixing FI cards. Your vid on traf stops was sent to them showing HOW they do it. If they treat you like a gang member when they pull you out of the car, the will certainly check the gang box on all papers that follow.

  3. Yeah, why wake people especially the homeless. Chances are that guy finally found a semi safe lighted place to get out of the way and finally getting much needed rest to survive longer and they come knuckle chesting just to see if they can arrest him for anything. Obviously lacking probable cause because what is more innocent than sleeping. Then they get to go home to a comfy house paid for by the private man and enjoy a good nights sleep to go take from the stream of life some more. How can you blame an onlooker from seeing it that way anyhow. There is no mens rea even if sleeping is deemed illegal there, its still no case because you cannot have a mind of guilt once asleep. So no prob cause, no mens rea, no crime, why are they violating this mans inalienable right to be secure in his person…etc, to better his lot in life…etc, to the quiet peaceful enjoyment of his life. .etc, and to necessary bodily necessities required by nature and our God. But because of the violent tendency in primates and hominids we need law enforcement and presence. Catch 22. If only we all could self regulate……Rocky Stone presiding. Make all checks payable to: Rocky Stone PO Box…… =•B

  4. Are they afraid to check on him? Walk over there darn it! Go shake him! Maybe if these cold hearted cops had to live as a homeless person for a week they’d learn some compassion. Why did these jerks need back up? This just makes my heart hurt.

  5. ONUS: You have the patience of a god. I would have approached those cops to defend that guy and his dog. I know you get the best footage when they think nobody's watching, but I have a habit of intervening.

  6. There afraid of the dog bunch of pussies…while they drive around with dogs that are taught to attack citizens not just criminals, hippocrates I swear I wanna see a handler get bite so hard by his own dog and cant get him off like they do to the public even with non violent stops and corrupitive people..police are scared of all dogs I've seen then shoot little chihuahuas for barking at them…I hate the police when it comes to dogs they literally shoot them all the time its probably procedure by now…never let your dog around a cop cause they will shoot it…I'm tired of it they come into your cars and homes most of time illegally and shoot your dogs cause they can

  7. Former resident of Torrance here. I had two interactions with them, one standard pull over and one incident that left me shaking with fear and anger. General conversation amongst residents I spoke with is that Torrance PD has a real cowboy reputation.

    Normally I'd tell you to chill on this stuff, but this is an organization that needs oversight.

  8. All these negative comments about police makes me sick . I’m sure if the homeless man didn’t have a dog that can potentially hurt them if it felt threaten he can attack to defend his owner and himself I’m sure if the dog wouldn’t of been there they would’ve just woken the man up and told him he had to go. They were throwing stuff to try and get the homeless man attention so they can prevent a dog bite & Little do u know the cops don’t have a problem with people sleeping at parks, it’s YOUR government !

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