TORRANCE Police DUI checkpoint pch and anza

Torrance Police are known to be “bad” cops….They have not one nano of a care of their own guidelines, don’t give two shits how they treat the citizens they work for, and not seen in this video but also have been rumored to profile citizens based on their race and the list goes on and on. I hadn’t recorded torrance in a awhile, but they are always quick to remind me what Jack ass’s they are- and I mean ALL OF THEM, not one person with any sense or integrity at this checkpoint. Please thumbs up, share and subscribe

Skirts on the Beat with LaurasharkCW & Ida Foxy queen (, the first and only female cop watch team

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21 thoughts on “TORRANCE Police DUI checkpoint pch and anza

  1. It's so telling when the whole PD treats a polite videographer like the enemy. Torrance needs a new Chief of Police. It will save them money too. Idiot cops are expensive.

  2. jest in in channel 34 the one mexican citizen in gardena ca 3 bicycles one that was killed 8 shoots times was justified by the police crooked ass mother fuckers the family got $1,700,000 million life is not worth it the money let me now you got this i support you forever film those mother fuckers police killer coops

  3. Every idiot with a camera thinks they know the law. This bitch is going by what some other dumb-ass has told her.

  4. It looks like your tactic of  Don't Talk To the Police has back fired on you. Your going to need to work on your social skills ( Fuck You ) usually is a poor start to any type of rapport your trying to cultivate with people .  I guess your frustrated , it shows.

  5. +LaurasharkCW Best thing to say to a cop when asked, "Why not let me search you? Have you got something to hide?" Answer = yes, my privacy!! Now, officer, may I ask you your social security number?

    With all that old, tired question out of the way, it wouldn't surprise me if his next question would be, "Oh, you're one of those "constitutionalists" aren't you?

    Beware of their manipulative questions with only one goal in mind, that is to get you to give up your rights. Don't fall for it, people.

  6. how come the cops didnt harass the people sitting in chairs on the sidewalk for obstucting the flow,, isnt that what they always tell videographer
    stay safe keep filming

  7. You are supposed to be on the side of the people being stopped but it sure does not look like it. Heart patients drive safely all of the time. As long as he takes his medication and does not over exert himself, he should be fine and it is totally safe for him to drive. If it wasn't, believe me, his Dr. would have had his license restricted or even taken away from him.. It was the fact that he might end up having to walk for an estended period of time that had him worried.

  8. Laura, good video.  Torrance PD is one of the least transparent agencies in the south bay.  They are used to spoon feeding the Daily Breeze information and just counting on them to report whatever TPD wants.   Torrance PD truly is NOT accountable for their actions because the residents of Torrance love them and support whatever they do.  The mayor and city council also protect them in whatever they do.  Torrance cops like beating up girls and then making the tax payers foot the bill.  All the while the residents of Torrance still think they are hero's.  The reason why no one wanted to talk to you was because they have a policy of not talking to people who will ask tough questions and actually report the truth about TPD.

  9. It would appear that they have been instructed not to answer questions from the treacherous camera people, because we all know what happens when one answers questions: They incriminate themselves!!! I liked how you told that one cop that "this department's community relations is the worst"! I think you should point that out to them more often but with one little difference. I hope you don't mind as I'm only trying to help. I'm a business major and so I deal with this often. The correct term is "public relations", more commonly referred to as PR. The only reason I'm telling you this is because knowledge is one of the few things they fear; simply because they have little of it and it makes them uncomfortable. I hope I'm not over stepping my bounds here because I know that I don't have the guts to do what you're doing but I just thought that little bit of info would be helpful in the future. Stay safe girl!! I loved your vid,,,,

  10. Liked and subscribed. Katman just told me you recorded my friend there and sure enough…
    It is your business. Sotak is her name and I have been told she is a horrible bitch.
    Correct me if I am wrong it looks like her hair has changed.
    She has never spoken to me like that although viewers have contacted me about her false citations aimed at commercial truck drivers. They insist she has a nasty attitude and you just proved that. Maybe you should file a complaint on her to teach her how to act. It is mostly a useless procedure but it is good for learning to record and deal with cops and the word will get out. I assume if you take that route in no time these police will be treating you with respect and you will be holding that camera steady. Good luck.

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