25 thoughts on “TOMMY CHONG SHOUT OUT TO AMAGANSETT PRESS !! “Don’t watch your rights go up in smoke !!”

  1. Yeah Tommy got a raw deal from the MAN !! For weed ugh it's vulgar what a great honor to have him recognize you.Hes a pretty cool dude .I was 14 when Up in Smoke was at the showhouse .I was a teenage weed head but this new weed is too powerful I'm retarded enough lol .I want some of that schwaggy Columbian from the 80s I miss my youth .

  2. I like his movies, but Tommy is geniuniely inspiring as a real human being. He challenged me to sing again after I suffered an untreated collapsed lung in the custody of the Denver Police Department. Tommy pressed me the way a really good friend would, and he told me a story that really hit the mark, and by the end of the week I was on stage again for the first time in over five years. I'm knocking the rust off and getting ready to get back in the game, and I owe Tommy for throwing down the gauntlet. If you like demonetized Rolling Stones covers, close-ups of world-class weed, and arguments with every cop in the state of Colorado, feel free to throw me a sub. There may even be some new original content coming down the pipe if I'm feeling frisky enough. I also have footage of Corey Feldman playing the drums, and it makes Meg White look like Keith Moon. 😋

  3. Okay, you are done, stop do not pass go, you have received the HIGHEST accommodations!
    Oh hell ya! And I’m not even a fan of the wild lettuce other than it makes some people sleep.
    But I don’t judge and it’s not pushed by big pharmaceutical
    Okay I’ll judge those corrupt thugs most definitely!

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