45 thoughts on “Tomi Lahren’s Remarks About Colin Kaepernick – Donkey of the Day (8-30-16)

  1. lets be honest with ourselves. when white people "oppress" black people, black people stand together. but when blacks are against blacks, it's an ordinary day. so lets stop it. you and i know when blacks talks about injustice or oppression they are talking about whites oppressing blacks.

  2. I wonder if she has a poster of a black man being hung in her livingroom with little kids eating hotdogs around the body this is how the world should be(with out make up she ugly )in an out

  3. Tomi, being so ready to trash kapernick, said he blaming white ppl without even listening to what he said. She brought up white ppl because at the end of the day she knows that’s the disparity at the end of the day.

  4. Charlamagne is a fuckin joke dude…..homeboy could've done it another way….he wanna talk about freedom and shit well men and women have died for those rights and those freedoms and who have died for that flag…it's just respect bruh period

  5. This still has to be one of the worst debutante in the USA. The problem is she thinks she is smart. CK is a jock who did the ultimate protest and this blonde ,who lives of her parents heath ins ,cut CK to pcs vecause ge hate seeing people of color are being murdered by whites, because colored folk cannot get health INS., because people of color are just being fucked over . this conservative blonde is arrogant that her rant are fetting to the point of insanity. She need mental health help. She has no problem insulting anyone who does not agree with her view.

  6. kaepernick sucks in football so this is the only way he can make money but half breeds try hard to fit in and racist blacks want to blame everyone for their own problems

  7. This just shows how dumb conservatives are. Y’all literally make everything about yourselves. At no point did Colin mention being personally oppressed or blame white ppl yet so many comments in here are ab how he makes 19 mil a year and was raised by white ppl. He’s talking strictly about police brutality. Why are you ppl so butthurt. Take y’all’s dicks outta y’all’s asses he’s not talking ab you.

  8. Come on you know this is a black vs white thing once again c'mon Charlemagne he made it that way and even if he didn't out right say it u know what he was insinuating but this all needs to stop we need to come together and stop putting walls up due to race or it's NEVER gonna stop

  9. Minorities? That’s a word I truly hate..to be a minority is to be less-than and/or inferior. I’m no minority because I’m neither less-than or inferior to anyone!!

  10. This woman is ridiculous! He said he is against police brutality. Whatever you just said is totally twisted. How bout you don't pretend like your shady ass opinion is the truth.

  11. I love how she is so passionately spewing out stuff as if her passion makes her argument any more logical or any less ad hominem ridden. FYI TOMI, not one single job just "gives" people a check. They are DUE money that they WORKED FOR or EARNED. The only way it is permissible for any owner to not "cut" someone a check is if they didn't do their job, not because they don't agree with their political views. You implicitly stating that Colin Kaepernick needs to be grateful for a check that a white owner cuts him as if he is giving him rather than OWEING him something is you showcasing how passionately you believe in white superiority which makes utter sense since you are racist.

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