The BURN is REAL! A Tale of Pepper Spray

Unfortunately, there is no video evidence of basically a stream of Satan himself being dumped into my eye balls. But, I can tell you my experience at least 🙂

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28 thoughts on “The BURN is REAL! A Tale of Pepper Spray

  1. Yeah, OC lasts longer and hurts like a MF, but I don't know how you can say it's worse than a Taser. Everyone is different I guess and maybe I had easier OC trainers. You have zero control or awareness with a Taser because of the violent muscle contraction. I would have stepped off a bridge to avoid the pain. I also think an OC/CS mix is worse than just OC. It will leave actual burn marks on your face for a few days and it damn near suffocates you.

  2. Marine Security guard training for embassy duty, sprayed with oc right in both eyes then did the body strikes followed by baton strikes, and finally arm bar take down and hand cuffing a resisting person. Worst pain ever. Cannot stress enough to properly decon in the shower and wear shorts too.

  3. I remember going through the academy and getting through spray day. Sucked so bad I just wanted to get it over with immediately. Especially after having just sprayed the person in front of me. Lasted three hours and was still warmup. Initial decon I did great. Hardly burned in the shower. Really wish I’d remembered to clean my ear. Was just as bad as the initial spray. Lol the next day I went to check out a military surplus store and they had the OC at head level as you walked in. I literally flinched and went to cover my face. Then laughed. Long story short, I’d rather get tazed than sprayed. Despite never having been tazed and my department not using tasers.

  4. I was sitting in the drunk tank in Ft.Bragg and its basically a farely small cell they put up to 5 people in this one guy tried to start a fight with me and it was just the two of us he pushed me seconds later the guards come in OC spray the crap out of him leave and close the door with me inside still for it took me what seemed like forever to even see to find the intercom button cause i was exposed so much and the guards werent watching the camera cause they were all getting cleaned up

  5. Oleo Capsicum 5.5.% Ya. We’ve all gone through it. Can’t carry it unless it’s been used on you, by law. In My area anyway. Been sprayed so many times it’s hardly noticeable anymore. Officers sometimes have Bad Aim or they like to spray while they’re fighting the guy on the ground. Ya. Stupid. I usually got the most of it. One guy sprayed me by mistake so many times, I called him Dr. Pepper. 🥴 Eh! OC under the bridge. Whattayagonna do right?🤷‍♂️

  6. true story when I was a kid I sprayed some mace on a stop sign and it actually made the stop signs paint start running on it ,it got me to a little bit cuz I was about ten feet away and it was in the air and it was painful

  7. Let's talk about the fact that taser don't work with everyone ! OC works for everyone because you are crying and blowing snot so hard you really can't see anything and let's talk about the burn 😈 😂 🤣 I don't care how strong or tough you are it sucks a lot and lasts for hours and can get south of your face and God forbid it finds your junk omg 🤔😳😳😳 ! Tease me I'm still going ! OC spray don't spray that shit I will comply with you just don't spray me because remember if you spray me you're getting it too just because you're next to me 🤔 yup cops get it to and it's a bad day after that so don't expect the cop to be happy !

  8. I got sprayed in the Air Force Security forces academy, I did all the handcuffing, baton strikes and I got a certificate for being exposed. Do I still need to get sprayed again even if I have that certificate if I tried to apply for a civilian PD?

  9. The stuff works well when it works, I was doing redman duties when we had a student who felt literally 0 effects of the spray when doing his qualifications. Pretty sure that guy threw me 6+ feet to the ground to perform his final takedown … he was freaking smiling.

  10. Mike I had it done to be 3 times. Once was in Navy boot camp in San Diego, the second times was in the academy and the third time was by the police chief while he was messing around with that Smith & Wesson pistol type, by the way the chief was was father. Thanks again dad……… It's like someone is holding a red sheet in front of your face and all you can see is the color red and a great amount of pain.

  11. I work with a woman who used to do corrections. She told me about a guy who used to work with her who was part of that small population that is immune to OC. Well this particular guard would take candy of OC and spray it onto his tacos and eat it in front of the inmates. And apparently it scared the living shit out of them

  12. We were issued OC just before I retired in ‘97. All of us went to the range to get a “dose” before being issued the spray & carrier for our duty belt. That stuff burns like Hell!

  13. LOL! You rubbed jalapenos on your nuts and asshole! HAHAHA! Cuz I know how it feels. Not the jalapenos, but the metaphor. I had shingles and was told to put capsicum cream on the rash. Basically, spray OC spray on your hands and take a shower 30 min later.

  14. CO here. The spray at the academy was the worst. It affected me for about three hours total. Had the decontamination shower experience like you described too. That was by far the worst. Since then I’ve deployed Oc a dozen or so times. It does get easier for sure. I had a level one contamination (direct to my face) about a year ago. That time was the most direct I have been sprayed since the academy and my partner and I were fighting an assaultive resistor at the time. Having the experience in being sprayed and the training really prepared me for that incident. I was able to make a second call for backup (backup was sent to the wrong unit because central deployed then to the wrong unit) and I was able to function very well despite the extreme pain and blindness. I 100% believe that is because I had experience and training in fighting through it. The effects of the spray only lasted about ten to twenty minutes in that incident. Effective tool and I wouldn’t trade it for the world!

  15. My eyes started burning a few seconds after being sprayed. About a minute into running a obstacle course and fighting of someone it began to feel like I had sand paper in my eyes. My academy also made us do push ups afterwards. By the time I made it over to rinse off it started affecting my breathing. Those symptoms from the OC Spray last about 30 minutes on me but then flared back up when I went to bed that night. I would definitely take the taser over OC.

  16. The gas chamber at Ft Knox was called the SNOT MONSTER in with a head cold out you came with snot hanging to your knees they had a 3 ft diameter oak tree in front of the doors of you weren't careful you ran into it something you don't wanna attempt

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