Three Cops Charged, Murder Count Upgraded in George Floyd’s Death

Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison announced the charges after an independent investigation determined officers at the scene were culpable for Floyd’s death. Please join journalists Taya Graham and Stephen Janis for this important episode of the Police Accountability Report!

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20 thoughts on “Three Cops Charged, Murder Count Upgraded in George Floyd’s Death

  1. Anybody can be charged it's the conviction that counts so all you corrupted ass police officers straighten up and fly right resign get your ass off the force

  2. This would not have happened if not for the continuing protests. Nonetheless, there are still many ways the state can try to weasel them out – a half-hearted prosecution, a light sentence or a pardon.

    But most importantly, this will not change the intrinsically racist character of the US police or the American capitalist state.

    We need to keep the pressure on until we take the whole rotten system down.

  3. Better not because the policing is just the symptom of the lack of democracy … it should not stop, before at least the basics of democracy are implemented in the USA and the country is taken out of the hand of WallStreet.

  4. Americas Policing problem described in short order: 1.)Police Culture , 2.)The Drug War , 3.)Criminal Justice as a business(see Drug War , prison systems profit$ , exploited labor),4.)police hiring predominantly from one demographic. Racism permeates each of these 4 things. The drug war in particular is the greatest corruptor of the police and even DA's offices. The nation needs to revisit how policing is done from the bottom to the top. Nothing has gotten worse(its always been bad) or actually changed except that we all have cameras now.

  5. @The Real News Network : Sad, tragic this incident is, and short but okay new report on your part. The police shown photographed at the start of this video look like idiots, given that we know of this police crime, but you have previously reported a number of times, several times about such police criminality. Oddly, the other times didn't get the level of reporting and protest demonstrations that this incident with George Floyd has, and I wonder why, for there are many cases of police murdering innocent Americans, shooting them with many bullets and applying choke holds to death, f.e., as you've reported about. In any case, these crimes have always needed to be prosecuted and this didn't meet my satisfaction, so am glad to learn that some more serious legal action is now (apparently) underway. I don't wish to be pessimistic but do wonder how far this process will be taken. It should be pursued to the fullest extent and if this happens, then maybe a lot of police will finally wake up. Note that I'm not faulting truly honorable police, for there are certainly some. Of course I don't know the statistics. Who does? Lastly, Taya is surely right about all of this reporting, and these protest demonstrations, likely being difficult for the Floyd family, and other loved ones. The way all of this is happening, I guess that the family just needs to take pause, retract themselves, take a deep breath, know what happened, while getting on with their lives, Being very reminded, repetitively, of this sort of loss can surely be painful.

  6. Only a 100% MORON would think that these nationwide protests are solely about police brutality against Black people. As a 70 year old White American, I know that MOST White Americans don't really Give A DAMN about Black people's situation at all. Yet, many 1000's of White Americans are in these protests. In some cities, they seem to outnumber the Black American protesters. These protests are ostensibly about police brutality against Black people, but there is much more happening there. 1) All the good paying manufacturing jobs went oversea starting in the 1990's. 2) What was left were min wage service jobs. 3) Many Americans are still suffering from the 2008 Crash because govt bailed out Wall Street instead of bailing out the people. 4) Almost 20 years of fighting a war in the Middle East that's going nowhere while American soldiers are dying and being maimed For NOTHING. 5) America can afford a 3/4 of a trillions dollars for defense, but less and less for public services. 6) The govt's response to this pandemic is feeble, and it's caused 1000's of needless deaths. IMO, these issues, which affect ALL Americans of ALL Colors are Also what is behind these unprecedented protests, and NOT just the unjust death of one or even 100 Black people at the hands of police. George Floyd's death was just a random, trivial spark that ignited a MUCH Bigger mess that has been brewing for decades now. Putting all 4 of those MN cops in prison for life won't stop The Second American Revolution that is now upon us. God help us all. …

  7. We need a critical mass of people in the streets for anything to change. We need to be surrounding the White House, even if blocks away, until a critical mass is reached.

    Don’t forget the Watts riots of 1965 where dozens of people actually died. Sociological research done on the affected communities a full 10 ten years later concluded that not only had nothing changed, but that the political, economic, and social conditions had actually worsened.

    Unfortunately, incremental changes will not affect the workings of capitalism at its core or lead to a non-carceral society. ☮️💚💪🏼🌻

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