30 thoughts on “Thomas E. Higgins – The Story Of A Nightmare Lawyer

  1. Should ask for a motion to dismiss based on he had no right to arrest you in the first place and submit the video to the judge.But there is no justice in the just-us system, so i hear your struggle james and hope the outcome was fair

  2. WoW ohh wOw Sir James >> I have been wondering about the FED stuff & I'm sorry
    for the bullSHITe you're dealing with. These are the ones who got your equipment
    too? We know our Police Agencies are operating in a far different capacity than we
    would expect based on the Constitution. The Judicial System is a "Racquet" that
    takes many down & I hope you do well. Yes, the Enforcers & the Judaical are tied
    together in a way that isn't fair to a citizen. I see the same corruptions within the
    CPS Agencies & the Family Court System who hold peoples children for ransom
    & everything is a battle/war that costs was too much & you seldom come out of
    it feeling satisfied…. You feel more like you've been dry-F#@Ked by a tag-team
    of Predators? Who don't give ya a kiss or a reach around…..it's tough out there!!
    Hang on Boys, this rides gonna get bumpy. You'll get thru it man, I'm sure of it.

  3. James, look me up on the internet and contact me. I will show you how to kick his behind every way from Sunday. I will be will to do this either on the air on my radio show or in a recorded session. Your lawyers are ultimately vulnerable to you and I will show you how handle him.

  4. Almost sounds tho like the YouTube comment leading you to Higgins was a setup to screw you over pal. Sorry I know I'm behind as this was over 2 mo. ago however thats exactly what it looks like. Definitely got you with more than a mindfuck however hopefully the jokes on them in the end. Hope all works out well for you man. Thanks for what you do and God bless✌. What a unbelievable but so believable story. Smh.

  5. It dose not surprise me at all. Alot of lawyers are people who are attracted to easy money and when you challenge them they play golf with the same people who they pretend to defend you against.
    You are a victim you should have fired him the second you felt he didn't do what you wanted he is your employee.
    But they thrive on your human nature. You payed alot of money so now your stuck. They know that. Even if you withdraw hes going to tie your money up and you can't go find a new lawyer. He knows that.
    You chose to look the other way and hide your head in the sand. I'm not downing you but I'm pretty sure you had a feeling in your gut you ignored because you didn't know what else to do.
    You are simply a victim of predatory behavior. There is no shame you were taken advantage of.
    Our system has evolved to this. Justice is a non existent thing. Either you have the money and connections to avoid prosecution, or you have to deal with a system that on the surface pretends to show impartiality but in reality will bury you with little or no regards to your constitutional rights.
    The cops simply are the in your face unwashed version of the judges and prosecutors who you face next.
    Unfortunately the majority of defence attorneys are leaches preying on people just like you. You would of probably been better off sticking with the less known lawyer trying to make a name for himself.

  6. Wow James,I’m so sorry for what the whole govt/ judicial system is doing- violating and ignoring the u.s Constitution and your rights. Is your wife able to take a video camera to document all that’s going on?

    Hang in there- again I’m sorry you are having to go through this tyrannical bull💩- the People who are on the frontlines get the worst of it. Know many are backing you🌹❤️🌹
    Ps- I’d be tempted to keep all but my main weapon at a trusted friends because they sound like they’re circling the wagons against you.

    I thought it was unlawful for a lawyer to drop you like a hot potato??

  7. I'm sorry you weren't aware that public easements on military installations are under the command and control of the base commander, but your ignorance of the law is no excuse.

    At an arraignment your options are guilty or not guilty, not wanting to or refusing to enter a plea is the equivalent of not guilty, whether you like it or not, you don't get to delay the judicial process.

    Buttercup, even if your clearly biased account is in any way, shape or form true, your lawyer gave you sound legal advice. You are your own worst enemy, your self-indulgent stunts would undermine any lawyer's work.

    Poor, poor little snowflake, you've complicated your own life and all you can do is whine that everybody is against you.

  8. First off I want to say that I'm so very sorry for you and this should never happen in America! I would most definitely report and/or file a complaint to have him DISBARRED!! But unfortunately that too will take time but try to keep all your evidence. I would also Sue him for negligence but I understand he's probably wipe you out of your monies. I'll tell you one thing is the future should scare anyone simply because it can be took from you so very easily. Also maybe try a Go Fund Me to help with your defense as well and keep your head up brother!

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