This was ridiculous LAPD

So a woman had a suspended drivers license AND her registration expired…..they were cool enough to spare her getting her car towed- and she calls a friend to get her BUT HE ALSO HAD A SUSPENDED DRIVERS LICENSE! it’s not the thought that counts this time, it’s stupid to show up, and get yourself caught up….Please thumbs up, share and subscribe

Skirts on the Beat with LaurasharkCW & Ida Foxy queen (, the first and only female cop watch team

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  1. American cops are not that bright. The average IQ of American cops is only 95 and the range can go to as low as 75, and not to mention the cowardliness of today’s cops also…And always remember police are not your friends

  2. I've seen a lot of your videos I like this one seems like you're having a good time and the cops seem pretty cool with it. Sometimes I get tired of all the videos with cops violating our freaking rights. When I went in the Army before I went to Vietnam everyone swore an oath upon Enlistment promising to defend the Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic. Since no one above me in the chain of command has relieved me of my oath I still believe as a moral issue I should maintain my rights whenever I encounter police officers. And I'm an old biker so I run into them a lot

  3. It's a little known fact that, when your driver's license expires you forget EVERYTHING about how to operate a motor vehicle and all traffic laws. Pffft! Gone. Your brain goes blank.

  4. 😂😂 this was a great video!! I loved how the officers were so human and normal! They didn't act like you were a bitch on a mission (excuse my language) to make them look bad. I love it!!

  5. This year my wife and I, will celebrated our 46th anniversary… 

    We only have, been separated twice during this whole time. The first time, I was in the Marines:  the second time was on June 24th 2016…  That was the day the Lauderdale County Sheriff's Department seized and took everything we had… Both times I will never forget… Both times, I, was standing up for my constitutional rights…

    Without knowing it, "we the people", of the United States of America, have lost, our, constitutional rights… 

    "We the People", are to protect the Constitution from invaders from within, and from without. But, the invaders from [within] has taken over our court and legal system.

    To where our Constitution is a stranger. Where police and Sheriff deputies arrest Citizens  knowing that they violate that Citizens constitutional rights.

    Without fear of being accountable for their actions for they wear the badge. All they have to do is ask the judge for immunity. And the judge will give them immunity. Think about that.

    I was arrested, for speaking, my constitutional rights, in my own house…

    I repeatedly told the Sheriff's deputies that I had a motion before the Supreme Court of Mississippi. And showed the motion to the deputies, and stated that this motion must be answered before any other action can be taken.

    That is called due process of law. You could hear several of the deputies laughing as they said, (due process of law), and then the deputies laughing stated: "open the door", "open this door".

    The  Sheriff's Department deputies, almost ripped my door off… 

    They came in and arrested me, for "disorderly conduct", for not opening the door; and "resisting arrest", because I reach for my clean pants… Because I just got through feeding the dogs and my clothes smelled bad.

    They was going to taser me, but my wife was there, and she said "no",  "he has congestive heart failure"… You will kill him if you do…

    After they had  seized, everything that we had owned… The chief deputy said to me and my wife, that we could not come back onto my property, are we will be charged with trespassing…

    I'm, talking  about 45 to 50 years of accumulation, gone, without, due process: 3 house trailers, 7 cars, 1 truck,  all of our photos of my children, my wife, our grandmothers, our grandfathers, our great-grandmothers, our great- grandfathers. All of our clothes, furniture, wood stove, dogs, cats, I mean, everything, we was not allowed, to take, anything, at, all…

    The Lauderdale County Sheriff's Department, had the Lauderdale County Animal Control, to seize all of our animals: and

    on 6/28/2016,  1 cat was put to death;

    on 7/5/2016,  17 dogs was put to death; 

    on 7/6/2016,  2 dogs and 1 cat was put to death; 

    on 7/8/2016,  8 dogs was put to death; 

    that's 27 dogs and 2 cats… killed in about 14 days without any type of due process.

    Because, I, was, told, by,  the chief deputy, "the man behind the badge",  that I cannot, come back onto my property, or I will be charged with trespassing. Some, dogs, that could not be caught, by the officers, starved, to, death, on my property. But we are told to "stand behind the badge"…

    Now back to June 24th, 2016,  after several Lauderdale County deputies, physically, with excessive force, I was assaulted by the officers, in, my, own, house:

    I was handcuffed and drugged out of my house, an across my yard to a hot patrol car and shoved into the back.

    As my glasses, hungover my nose, in front of my nostrils. And with my congestive heart failure, I was having trouble breathing. "I seem to be smothering".

    I yelled for help but only got laughing from the officers. My wife heard my yelling and came to help. She reach and took my glasses off. An officer seen her and said that he could arrest  her for doing that!  She asked him didn't you hear him yelling for help, "he just laughed".

    After several minutes in the hot, hot, car, they drove me to the jail. Upon arrival to the Jail, the officer stop, just in front of the door, with the door opening to the door of the building.

    Officers meant the car with chains and shackles. Deputies began to shackle my feet, my waist, with chains, going from my feet, to my waist, to my handcuffs.

    After the deputies, shackle me with chains, and with only a very
    few steps we was in the building.

    This is just part of my Story. I will keep telling my story until all of it is out. 

    I have been told, "if", I keep on telling my story and what happened: that I may be found in a river.

    To live under tyranny is no option for a free "People".

    Tyranny Is Darkness with no hope of Freedom, Liberty or Justice.

    Under tyranny, due process comes at a price that no "Free People", can pay.

    If you think that we have Constitutional Rights … Then join me in my fight for justice. Not just for me: but for all!

    This is Charles Webb: one of the "People", standing alone for my Constitutional and Civil Rights. Will you stand with me?

    Will you stand as one of the "People" as "We the People": are standing for your Constitutional and Civil Rights, before yours are gone too!

    "In the United States, sovereignty resides in people… that Congress cannot invoke the sovereign power of the people to override their will as thus declared," Perry vs. U.S. 294 U.S. 330; and "The very meaning of sovereignty is that the degree of the sovereign makes law," not the servant, American Banana Co. v. United Fruit Co.

    Wake Up America, before it's too late !!!

    Google search: "freedom loss in Mississippi".

  6. This girl is funny but it's not at the same time I'm holding you accountable but I'm parked illegally come on you in the wrong line of work lol

  7. Do ya really need a nod from the government before you can travel? License? and they want fake money to purchase them. Better idea,, keep your license and we'll just travel anyway..

  8. There's not much more sexy than you making these cops accountable with the SCARY AND OH SO DANGEROUS CAMERA!!! LOL I love your work Laura! Keep it up you amazing woman you!! 😀

  9. I hear sometimes "They talk too much to these fucken cops" now and again. I explain, it's called report…having dialogue with cops is essential. Whether it's positive or negative is besides the point. This cop has accepted thatbhe is gonna be filmed and goes forward. well done

  10. they LOVE allowing someone else to come down with a "valid license" so they can run another name through the database and possibly get a two-fer on a single stop… they have no reason to believe this other person doesn't have a valid license, but they won't release the vehicle unless the person allows them to run their information so they can try for the two-fer… they use the threat of the impound to catch more people, not because they are being nice, they just want another shot to punish…

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