26 thoughts on “This sexually explicit book is in your kids schools (florida). Man kicked out of public meeting!

  1. That is a clear violation of several sections of Article I of the Florida Constitution. It is a violation under Rosenthal v State of New Jersey and it is a violation of the 1st Amendment of the Constitution.

    These parents need to band together and hire Attorneys and start filing lawsuits against these school boards, City Commissions, County Councils…. All of them are corrupt to the core and have no understanding what their place is.

  2. This is what Liberals & Leftists want,
    If you speak up, the Far-Left(former, umm, Centrist/Moderate SCOTUS Nominee) AG Merrick Garland sends the FBI to investigate your Domestic Terrorism attack on the School Board.

  3. Language deemed inappropriate by the lords and barons sitting on the altar of the school board is the same language in the school library for the young peasant serfs to read.

    Be gone peasant, your glorified servants sit high on thrones of majestic proportion. Must we come down there or will our knights remove you from this public forum.

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