This NFL commercial only further divides us

Because, in great part, false perceptions continue to divide law enforcement and communities, this commercial only furthers that and doesn’t help it.

Link to the USA Today article on NFL player arrests:

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35 thoughts on “This NFL commercial only further divides us

  1. You say most cops are being held accountable but yet there are a lot who are not! So many cops are allowed to hide behind their badge and qualified immunity! No man is an island and I commend the courts who convicted this cop of manslaughter but across the country….qualified immunity laws need changed! That's what people are truly pissed about….when a cop can claim he saw a gun…shoot and kill someone and then it be later revealed no gun was on the suspect…..then that cop needs to be held accountable, not let go to return to duty and hide behind the "qualified immunity claim" and Don't give me that "oh I had to make a decision in a split second BS!" either! If nothing else they should at least be released from duty and kept from being an officer nationwide! But I know….you as a cop will find an excuse for your brothers in blue! bottom line is….the ones who walk away with no penalty are bad examples for the public and will continue to spark public backlash and cops being targeted for execution style attacks!

  2. This man is a passive aggresive joke. Dividing us even further making the problem worse(hypocrite). Just because the hateful idiot disgracing the uniform was thrown in prison and justice was served (to some extent) doesn't mean we can't point it out for what it was and use it as yet ANOTHER act of the problem that has gotten worse over these past few years.

  3. Shooting of Daniel Shaver. For sure they need an independent DA on hand that can prosecute outside of the standard prosecutor/police relationship. Further, reducing immunity to following the law but not what the officer thinks is the law and raising pay seem like good ideas(meaning no more beating people up for somebody not giving you an ID because you don't like the way they look). But all these ideas I think would lead to less assholes and more great cops….which I don't think is really the agenda of any organizations critical of the police.

  4. I am sooooo tired of people who bitch about how police work is done, but won't get involved themselves to try to change it for the better. Could policing be better sure, but constantly attacking police officers only makes police officers defensive.

  5. because you wont acknowledge the real issue, it will continue. Taking action AFTER someone is killed, doesnt solve the problem. Look on line, thousands of videos on police abuse. Cops freak out over cameras. Cops go to the extreme and power trip for the slightest of things. Sorry, clean up your own house, LOOK at yourselves, and how cops treat others, it starts there!

  6. Someone should make a video showing some black guy broke down on the side of a road when an off duty officer approaches and tries to assist the person but when he does there is clearly some confusion that makes it seem like this might be a stolen vehicle or the operator could be on drugs so when the off duty officer makes contact the other person reacts in a way that causes the officer to draw his weapon and use it. Then the off duty cop calling for help fades to a black screen when suddenly the gavel drops bringing everything back into sharp focus as the words 25 years to life echo through his ears. See how well that commercial would do for example and see if people still think he was let off light.

  7. typical ignorant crap they like to pull… its a damn shame theyll use their money and fame to make ads like this to tear america apart more than it has already been

  8. Mike I agree with you 110 percent. Society has taken this cop vs African American view and most employers will shy away when the snowflakes say ( it’s because I’m black ). As a veteran, law enforcement officer and being African American I can say we do need to stand together as officers before they issue pool noodles as duty weapons. I believe 98% of police encounters are in good faith without bias and the pants don’t belong to the criminal. 1 percent could be bias and 1 percent end up being fatal due to outside actions. Sorry that was long but I am tired of fake news, commercials and people that could be a good influence being 1000 percent negative.

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