48 thoughts on “This is why cops suck! We bought her a shopping cart

  1. Good work James Madison! It seems that morals and ethics are what we are missing in our police community. Too often they just prefer to make a mountain out of a mole hill. This needs to change.

  2. This is a great story. Hundreds upon hundreds upon thousands of homeless people are stealing shopping carts and destroying them left and right each and every day of our lives and the police sheriffs or any law enforcement just drives right on by them and never says a damn word. But you got a little girl that starts decorating a shopping cart and they want to harass her. It's just too much to believe. I would not have believed it if I didn't see this story for my own two eyes and listen to it with my own two ears. I hope she pushed that cart right up into the police station or sheriff station or whatever law enforcement she chooses and tell them all hahaha pigs hahaha.

  3. Thanks so much for helping this lady. That was just one of the most ridiculous arrests ever. That officer should be ashamed but I’m sure he isn’t. I’ll bet his mother is though. That was just plain evil.

  4. Is she licensed? Is that cart properly registered and insured? She likely needs a permit to push it down a sidewalk in that town. I bet she's going to need a dashcam on her cart, because you know those cops aren't done messing with her.

  5. Congrats again. Thanks for being the man in this clusterf*$# by the cops toward this lady.
    What a great daughter. Wanting to be like dad and do nice for people. That sure has to make you a proud dad.

  6. Just the fact you helped someone is amazing. The reason you helped makes this even more golden. We need more people in this world like you sir. Job well done.

  7. City with tons of wasted resources and overpaid employees: throw that bitch in jail!!

    YouTube community: damn, let’s help our one of our less fortunate sisters and come together to show her kindness.

    It’s good vs evil. Not hard to distinguish which one is which

  8. Last year there was more cops killed then in any other year in history!! and they all bring it up on them self's!!! Let me ask everyone this question, If you was at a party, or let say in a movie theater. And EVERONE hated you, And Had NO respect for you, And on top of all that can never trust you! why would you ever show up in public for? I would be so so humiliated, I wouldn't be seen out in public with a police uniform on, Knowing just how much people hates me. But right there you can tell they have no self pride!!! Because that is exactly how it really is!!!

  9. Hey man, I'd love to see more of this. Auditing is great, but you need community backing. And when the only thing the community sees of you is some guy yelling at a cop from behind a camera it doesn't play well.

    Start thinking about how you can spread the message through the people

  10. Years ago a San Diego man bought dozens of shopping carts for the homeless.  A few weeks later police went around with a trash truck, took the carts, crushed them, and threw them away.

  11. Hope you put your number in her phone, just in case Port Orange officer Andrew McKay, decides to go for two !! 🙏 to you and your daughter 😉

  12. This won't be good enough. The cart needs verifiable markings to identify it, and probably better to only use it while carrying a receipt for it. Something similar was tried in Finland where police where getting heavy handed with the few homeless/rom-peoples that slept rough. Going after their carts in perticular. They are actually usually stolen, and cost enough to constitute grand larsony/equal law. Good will organizers bought them all carts to have this stop. It didn't. Police where told. They didn't care. It was never about the carts. The carts just identify an "undesirable" in the eyes of law enforcement. Going after them was never more then an excuse. All the legal carts where just taken, and held until they could prove it was legally owned. Witch is hard to do when already homeless, and now in jail with hardly a number to call with your 1 phone call. To fight evil you much expose it. Flowers might be nice, but that lady needs a cart-cam

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