This is Not a Drill: Live. Post-Election Strategy.

“The popular front is dead. Long live the popular front.”
Is the broad front of groups that movements entered into this year to defeat Trump dead already? Or does that broad front represent the basis for the progressive majority that many aspire to build?
Organizers are celebrating after playing a likely decisive role in defeating Trump at the voting booth. And they are gearing up for the chaos of the Presidential transition, and the long fight that follows.
What lessons can we take from the election about the role our groups have played, and where do we stand in relationship to the voters we moved, the groups we allied with, and with one another? Are we prepared for the non-electoral and electoral battles that lie ahead?
Hosts Adam Gold and Rishi Awatramani return to discuss these post-election themes with guests Jon Liss from New Virginia Majority, Purvi Shah from Movement Law Lab, Branden Snyder from Detroit Action, and Philadelphia City Councilmember Kendra Brooks.*

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13 thoughts on “This is Not a Drill: Live. Post-Election Strategy.

  1. GREAT and needed conversation. At the Organizing Update web page was seeking links to meetup / forum etc resources. ANY rsvp on this most appreciated ….


    There is so much evidence of fraud!! You must be completely blind and dumb to believe you are not being duped into a dictatorship.

  3. I am very much a far left-wing activist. I am appalled that all of the Left-wing programs that I have, and continue to, support are blatantly and blindly supporting this mythical pandemic! The fact that no one is even questioning the Pharmaceutical and Medical Industrial Complex (as well as the monopolized social media and general media) as potential mischief makers is sickening. The main statement made by those who have not researched the actual science (or lack thereof) when challenged about this SARS-COV-2/COVID-19 phenomenon is "You must not Believe in Science." The truth is that no one should BELIEVE in Science! Science is not a Dogma or Religion and therefore, BELIEF isn't relevant. Science is based upon skepticism and empirical evidence… of which every avenue surrounding this Pandemic is Lacking! The very process to claim that there was a brand new Novel Coronavirus (SARS-COV-2) was extremely flawed and suspicious. The use of the rt-PCR Panel test itself is loaded with flaws (the original packaging of the test stated, "Not Reliable for Diagnostic purposes." The pathetic manipulation of statistics. The vile status called Asymptomatic which violates germ Theory logic. The CDC's retraction of the large number of documents that not only shows the ineffectiveness of masking, but the potential heal hazards from long periods of wearing masks. The blatant Censorship of any Scientists, Doctors and ordinary people who researched this scam Should Be An Alarm To All! The very tactics and weapons used against the Left and Revolutionary-minded people are being deployed full force on those who are crying "Fraud!" How is it that the Pharmaceutical Industry is getting a Pass???? Trillions of dollars and Complete Social Control which includes extreme loss of Rights & Freedom is at your doorstep, and all I hear is Crickets from my Left-wing compadraes….

  4. Beat Trump or was it to Cheat Trump? Which was it really? FYI, The President is far from defeated as none have wan anything, and there will likely be no transitioning to a new Executive in the highest seat of our free Federal Republic!
    The Vote-switching at the voting-booth was discovered, and just as one of the talking-head activists told us, that "the same sort of broad array of forces that "defeated" him in the voting booth needs to be tapped into, for calling him to concede now…" is now all being investigated and so far….we are talking about numbers in the millions…this not even counting in, the audit of the counted mail-in votes and we know who are the "counters", which will surely shake up everything that was wrong and why the Marxist Mockingbird Media pushed hard and prematurely, that their Cho-Bai-Den had won, and if the criminal would "win" has a Tax Plan will kill all growth and really hurt the poor.
    That great "fix" that the Left was counting so much on, it is about to be exposed publicly and pushed into the sunlight for ALL to see, it will push the majority of the minority progressive movements, its so-called projects and billionaire funded NGOs into bankruptcy, by the time the dust settles…because they will all simply be blamed for everything by the Democrat establishment that condoned and supported them! To Dems, it is always all about the PARTY, never about the people!
    Patriots are eating their pop-corn while watching the left starting to eat their own, all lacking in thought, how all this could be, why the President will not concede to the crime. Lacking the needed basic knowledge of what is the law of the land and they fail by their own design, philosophy and flawed policies. Using identity politics while touting unity and equality for all, are just some of the all to many contradictory terms used by the left, to try and muster in the minority of low informed youth, that want to push society into a dystopia they keep claiming will be a UTOPIA… all thanks to the regressive left, President Trump will stay in office til 2025…
    Socialism is the philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance and the gospel of envy. Its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery! -W.Churchill
    BTW -Branden Snyder from Detroit Action is lying about Michigan, as it IS being investigated…as another "Glitch" was shown…

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