This Ex-Cop Angers Some Aussies over Human Rights

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I know for a fact there are Australians that do not want this type of environment to live in. Praying for a peaceful resistance to tyranny to overcome whether there or anywhere on the globe.

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20 thoughts on “This Ex-Cop Angers Some Aussies over Human Rights

  1. Mike you are so bang on! If the Aussie cops did not take these tyrannical orders from the clown politicians then they would be good no… great cops! Like our great Sheriff's Dept here in California that told our California Governor Newsom they will Not enforce these made up Covid 19 laws. And they were not enacted in the legislature. One man rule is unconstitutional!!!

  2. If there was ever a place in the world where the phrase “cops are corrupt” was ever true, Australia would be the place. Just look up famous bushranger Ned Kelly. Not everything he did was good, but his story is one about fighting police corruption and abuse in Australia. He really got pushed into doing some rather unreasonable things.

  3. An American lecturing non-Americans that there is no need to use extreme language?

    Ie. stating an opinion is not an "attack". It's usually in the States where a sentence has no meaning unless it has at least one superlative. I guess Australians have started to speak American.

  4. A follow up on what you would have done if you were still a Police Officer would be nice. Are you suggesting they neglect their Duty by disobeying directions, protest action, resignation? New South Wales has Liberal right wing state government who created these health orders. Perhaps you should suggest people remember these laws/orders at election time.

  5. I am an Australian, and like most there is a genuine affection for "yanks". I am not sure why this is so, perhaps it is a common parent country, we both came out of England. Perhaps it is our common commitment to growing through immigration, even if this sometimes brings great problems.

    I think that it is because the USA is one of the few countries that we can call "mates" something that you may call friends, but it means more than that to us, we have many friends, but few mates.

    I think that Yanks and Aussies are mates because we have three traits in common.

    Both countries are willing to "have a go" that is to have a "can do" attitude. It may take a huge effort to convince people to start a project, but both countries are willing to start, and push through to completion.

    Both countries believe in "a fair go" there is an ingrained belief in natural justice and that it should apply to all regardless of "race, creed, or colour".

    Both countries are willing to "stand by a mate". We believe that if a friend needs help it is given, period.

    It can easily be said by the cynical that these three traits are throwbacks to an earlier age, and cannot be applied to a country as a whole, I think that they can.

    We need to see that all sides get a fair go, and we believe that you yanks also believe in similar principles.

    As much as we are like you Yanks it is important to know that we are not the same as you!

    You see our country started as a dumping ground for British convicts, and the first time that they were allowed off the ships in what became Sydney the male and female convicts started a party that took the guards two days to stop.

    Terms like affair go, and being a mate mean more to us then you could probably understand.

    When we started a rebellion against the British at a place called the Eureka stockade it was caused by a group of miners objecting too unfair pricing on a mining license. When the troops were sent in to put it down and capture the leaders. It caused a huge uproar as the people of Australia felt that the miners were not getting “a fair go” And so common people got together and protested, they protested so loudly that they frightened the British backed government. Rather than imprisoning the leaders of the Eureka rebellion they were released, the cost of a mining licence was reduced, and the government even apologised directly to the men they had arrested. Eventually the man who led the whole thing was elected to parliament to represent the state where the rebellion occurred.

    What is that got to do with police arresting people breaching the health mandate now? Well as a country we remember the great flu outbreak in 1918-19 when everybody was wearing masks, and cooperated to try and get past the outbreak. When it looked like the current infection was going to be as devastating as the Spanish flu was pretty much all Australians decided that drastic measures where needed to stop it. Pretty much as a country we felt that if you weren't wearing masks and following the guidelines you would being a mate, nor giving other aussies a fair go.

    I won't try and argue the merits of our approach, but we seem to be happy with it at the moment, and I'm sure the minute attitude changes you better believe the politicians will pay close attention to what we ask as a nation.

    We don't have your constitution and a Bill of Rights, but we do believe in a fair go, and if enough people agree on it them and their mates will act on their opinion.

    Like all mates we will often argue, some times violently, over how things should be done. But we still be mates.

    We are a direct people. Giving all "a fair go" is not easy, but as long as they can make their point no matter how stupid we think it is we, like you, are a free people.

    Actions speak louder than words. Those guys off to the side in the funny hats, the ones who are calling you yanks funny names, who always seem to be able to offer you a cold beer, even in the desert in a "dry" country. You know, the ones watching your back, they are Australian.

  6. Don't get me wrong, I loved my time in Australia back in 2006. But this reminds me of the time I was going out to dinner with 2 lady friends in Brisbane and 2 cops randomly ID'd me. At first I refused, and asked why. They told me because there was a lot of crime in the area. Like that was justification.. I think Aussie Cops have just been waiting to be given this power.

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