This cop needs to be fired! Listen to what he says.

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When a cop blames the citizens for filming as a reason for The death he needs to be off the job

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47 thoughts on “This cop needs to be fired! Listen to what he says.

  1. One day cops are going to be doing something like this and all hell is really going to break out. I'm afraid it's going to be sooner rather than later.

  2. No one will like this comment but y'all have reality twisted,, and even in the short misleading video I could tell you how it really went down

  3. There job is to kill u…if ur life means nothing to u then let them do that,but if u value ur life kill them first an excercise ur 14th amendment rite to protect urself from ANYONE who threatens u….a bully only bullies those he knows wont fight back…

  4. Show the whole thing stop Fucking being a scumbag and gettin the Cops in Your shit !!! And You will never have to deal with Ass Holes !!!!! ……….

  5. Once again cop with badges hurt little girl who they have injured an are injuring more as she scrapes for help from these monsters seeing how insensitive these grow men are who beat up a little girl fire all of them…

  6. I’m waiting for average people to just start blasting them. I’m not condoning or inciting violence, just looking at what’s happening. It’ll be on their own shoulders. And likely that’s when robots and other military equipment will be used consistently against the people

  7. Y'all need to take these videos the News and to as many local citizens to view and flood the department demanding all involved surrendering there license never to work in Law enforcement ever. There's not one of them competent enough to work in Law enforcement. Go to the mayor and city council meeting with the videos and stay on their asses until they are removed from the force, if nothing is done remove them from office

  8. Basically what he said was, the medics aren't coming on the scene until it is safe for them. So please, just move awa and watch from a distance. Its not fucking hard.

  9. They have five cops there and they don’t seem to be able to handle the situation! Then saying they’ll refuse her medical attention! That should be their number one concern. People are in an uproar about whether or not someone is a good cop ,the problem is they weren’t even good human beings to begin with. If you’re not even a good human being there’s no way you’re going to be a good cop! Just saying🤔

  10. What can I say . Just another bunch of idiots roaming the streets. The funny thing is they would be the first to yell for police if they were a victim of crime. Why they get so much attention is just to promote a narrative of anarchy and division in communities . Facts don't lie ,just those who attempt to conceal the truth with fiction.🤔

  11. We can’t help her because you’re here. Government enforcers will be held accountable. Start building gallows all across the country and then you will see change

  12. Are they for real coming out with a statement like that after everything what's gone on in America this year they should hang them heads in shame I'm sure people of America don't want cops like this get them of the streets have they not learned anything in the past year heads should roll this poor young girl whatever she as done I'm sure it didn't warrant her being put on the floor like she was nothing disgraceful behaviour from these officers (animals) the world is watching 🇬🇧

  13. Another group of psychopathic maniacs with badges. This is a direct result of a country owned and controlled by psychopathic maniacs. Governors, commissioners, chiefs, sheriffs, constables, council members, school principals, doctors, lawyers, judges. Psychopaths populate all levels of society. We have to resist them every step of the way and fight them in court relentlessly.

  14. This is a problem, people making comments about something with very little information. I am not siding with the cops on this, what he said is fu<<ed up. Plus we don't know what sirens were coming, could have been more cops or an ambulance (we don't know). When the public gets in there face like they did then the police have to back people up for their own safty. Then you are the ones who are not helping the person on the ground because you are drawing their attention way from helping the person on the ground. Please keep the camera on them, but screaming at them and pushing forward on them does NOT help the person on the ground! Comments without all the pertinent information is not using common sense!!!

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