1. I am a bit taken by you Ricky, that was one of the most kind things I have ever seen, literally giving the jacket off your back. You sir may have a tough exterior but all heart on the inside.  Thank you for restoring some faith in human kind!

  2. Extremely sad reality of the modern world, and in one of the wealthiest countries on the planet. This is what we see everyday , brought to us through you guys and the great camera work you do .Thank you 🙏📷🙏
    Please pass on our regards to Tom .
    Take care out there guy's .
    Love & Peace 👍

  3. 98% of the people never notice the people on the streets. You are something that can’t be put into words, or summed up, people need to take the blind fold off. When seeing an act of kindness like you’ve shown to the people, from now on, it will be known as giving some Ricky Munday. You a epic dude bro and we should all strive to be like Munday!!!!

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