They were released from Guantanamo. But the horrors didn’t end | Rattling the Bars

The revelations of widespread torture of detainees at the illegal US naval base in Guantanamo, Cuba, rattled the American conscience during the Bush Jr. administration. Two decades later, detainments at Guantanamo continue, but the public has largely moved on. Yet for many former detainees of Guantanamo, release from their former prison has just opened a new chapter of horrors. A recent report from Elise Swain of The Intercept reveals that instead of being sent home, many former Guantanamo detainees were deported to a third country such as Kazakhstan, the UAE, and others. Despite being released from Guantanamo, these former detainees continue to experience arbitrary detention under the Kazakh and Emirati governments while being prevented from reuniting with their families. Elise Swain joins Rattling the Bars to explain these new revelations.

Elise Swain is Photo Editor of The Intercept. Click here to read her article:

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37 thoughts on “They were released from Guantanamo. But the horrors didn’t end | Rattling the Bars

  1. USA detention camp is a fact yet USA shout out loud about human right on their falsified Uighur's detention camp
    usa is like injured aging lion king – incoherent

  2. If they were really looking for war criminals they should start at the Whitehouse. This is nothing new the Americans are too high and mighty to have to clean up their own mess hundreds and hundreds of people are still being injured and killed in Vietnam and Laos because of the landmines that are still laying around not even considering the thousands and thousands of people that are still being affected by the agent orange that was dumped there isn't that chemical weapons being used against the civilian population. I would hope that the American people would smarten up because one of these days is going to be a suitcase nuke go off in one year major cities and it's not like you haven't been asking for it the trouble with endless wars you end up with endless amount of enemies

  3. '"ShowExposeRevealDisclose"'(SERD) To The "Fact Absolutes Truth" (FAT) Don't Matter Anymore: When You've Been Institutionalized DeMoralized Since A Childhood 'CANNOT' *Clarifying Unfold Rectify Processing*(CURP) The TrueFact Information. The Authentic Facts Tell Them Nothing. Even You Display Exhibit Show Proofs Of Authentic Information, Pictures, & Documents. Even You Kidnap The DeHumanizer In Force, To See👀 Prison🏕Camp, They'll RefuseRject To Believe It. When The DeMoralizer Get A Kick On The Arse To Face Against The Wall🧱 To Be Shoot 🔫, Than They'll InnerStand~ But Not Before That. That's The Consequence Outcome Result Of Demoralizing The People.

  4. If you look into it, you will find that DeSantis was for a couple of years the "human rights observer" at Guantanamo, and he was ordered to end the ongoing hunger strike.

    He acted like their friend,.learned all their complaints, and then used that against them. Feeding sessions became a sick and brutal torture of shoving large mental tipped tubes up the nose, bloid pouring, and so much else. He broke the hunger strike, and the men there said those were the worst years ever, when DeSantis was there for human rights.

    He then went to another prison, and his time there was also brutal. Look it up.

  5. Yet Lori Daybell gets to serve time in a building that's a holiday camp after being CONVICTED of being an accomplish to the death of three, two being children

  6. Investigate the people who did these atrocities,im sure it wont happen.nearly didn't watch this as im so over the lies,we all know what's going on, it's All continuing to be white washed .😢

  7. Hmm…hmm…..hmm….Could you please clarify ? Too many hmmm's …to be validated.. So sorry. Get a better guest, please…She " hum's " way too much. .

  8. The crime is being an ant in the path of a bully with a magnifying glass. Broken people try to break people. It’s really quite simple. This wasn’t a mistake it was intentional madness.

  9. I am so sorry and so pissed how our higher government officials can commit all these crimes agents humanity while wanda waitress and mike mechanic would easily be imprisoned for traficing kidnapping and many more charges.

  10. Why is Obama being let off the hook? He got 8 years to close Guantanamo. He was the one championing Hope and Change. He made us believe there was going to be a new start. A return to (if there was ever been) justice, human rights, etc.

    All lies. It was more of the same. We got conned.

  11. Why is Obama being allowed off the hook? He got 8 years to close Guantanamo. He was the one championing Change and Hope. He made us believe there was going to be a new start. A return (if there was ever) to justice, human rights, etc.

    All lies. It was more of the same. We got conned.

  12. Guantanamo is not a black ops site. If it was then why would black ops operatives like Bill and Hillary Clinton be executed there. How about Judith Burkes who was executed there, and also Dr. Fauci who is the son of mother Teresa. Mother Teresa's sperm created Dr. Fauci. Yes, mother Teresa was a male to female transgender. Musa is evidently a Moslem, and that is another reason why you don't want to listen to him.

  13. "They" can't admit that they put the wrong people in Guantanamo Bay. The problem is not limited to this; the problem is that "these" people who put innocent people in Guantanamo Bay ARE PRICESELY those who committed the crime of 911. How do you fix this? 😳

  14. When is a video going to be made about the atrocities commited in sub-saharan Africa where over a 300.000 innocent people have been murderd in the most horrendous ways by islamic jihadists since the mid '90's till now..!? Even childeren are being decapitated by these animals..

  15. The REAL terrorists are at 1600 Pennsylvania ave and in the capitol building. The sad part is the tax slaves fight over which gang of parasites they want to abuse them.

  16. There were reports circulating years ago of all the tall tales being told about the detainees that had no basis in reality. And those reports made Guantanamo sound like Homan Square crawled out of the shadows long before Homan Square was even a staple of the English language lexicon. Basically someone made outrageous accusations about detainees. And regardless of who made the charge or how far fetched it was, a relentless, often merciless campaign began against the detainees in pursuit of the "truth" about their supposed role in extremism.

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