They tripled the fines for parking after opening grass up. Typical money-making city.

This is how many government agencies will do it they will give you some and then add additional fines on to compensate where they were lacking. When councilmember says that he doesn’t at the city doesn’t care about the money from this place however I find and feel that is not true.

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31 thoughts on “They tripled the fines for parking after opening grass up. Typical money-making city.

  1. You need to take pictures of every public servants car when they’re there if they are not giving a ticket they need to be posted online these tickets need to be brought back to what the original price was if you guys don’t stand up now go fuck your going forward

  2. I hope revenue drops for them for their slick moves in that case. Our courts are closed here but they are trying to get people to download zoom and make a remote appearance. The letters say the person must do it. I can't see how they can enforce that but of course it's about money

  3. Hey man I have a local social media platform and your clips get a lot of discussion going whenever I share something.. DM me I don’t see a feature on your profile

  4. mayor Bernette said he didnt want his sprinkler system ruined by parking on the grass……. I went down and I didnt see any sprinklers anywhere so now with the increase the fines it is a revenue generator remember these representatives when its time to vote

  5. As a former director of a museum and in charge of the parking areas, a job no one else wanted because they could not get out of bed at six in the morning, I am well aware of the issues regarding a parking area you have a highlighted.
    I just wonder how many people parked cars trucks or boats on an area that has grass and it needed to be maintained for those who don’t understand that the grass needed to be mowed. So you come there with the equipment to do the mowing and you find trailers and trucks blocking the area where you have to work. It is absolutely amazing once you’re in charge of something like that what people will do and how much of an asshole they can be about parking any place if they can stick their vehicle. Well I just can’t imagine how this is going to work out when people ignore the signs, and they will have someone around there who writing tickets. Just think if they put in parking meters or charged a fee for coming there to park because that will be next if people don’t comply. When you start seeing tow truck show up on site you will understand they are not fooling around anymore, not only a fine, towing charge and a storage fee.
    Just a quick anecdotal story, a guy drove by me as I tried to stop him and tell him no trucks with trailers allowed in that field. I don’t know what he was doing but he wasn’t paying any attention to me. When he got stuck in the middle of the field he came to me and said can you help me get someone to get me out, and I said yes let’s both turn around and read the sign that says “no trucks with trailers in this field” Then I had him towed out.
    You can’t fix stupid.

  6. Unfortunately, there are a lot of thoughtless assholes , vagabonds and beach bums that would love to park their every day and all night as well, if allowed to do so. I don't like fines at all, however. I suggest just towing the vehicles down the road a couple of miles and leave them. Let the owner have to walk 2 to 5 miles to get their car and I can promise you that it will be far more effective than fining them. Don't even charge for the tow, just tow it.

  7. I honestly think it is good when there is a follow up to these stories. I appreciate your dedication to the full story Sir. And I wish I could operate a scooter as well as you can.
    Have s marvellous weekend mate!

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