These Kids Refuse To Obey!

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Gaurd down

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40 thoughts on “These Kids Refuse To Obey!

  1. the public servant that put his hands on that kid needs to be arrested for assault. the kid did nothing wrong yet he felt the need to assault him. this is the police state we live in today.

  2. No fun allowed – the no fun police as per usual breaking the law – first amendment displays of joy – more power to the children dancing their hearts out – talk about stifling the life out of them 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  3. Mr Freeman , I ordinarily agree with you.
    This time , I fervently DISAGREE , with you.
    " monkeyshines " are / were NOT necessary !!!
    At ALL !!!
    * Nothing at all wrong with the proper decorum , at the proper venue.
    Me thinks , you blew on this one …

  4. Nah. You’re breeding chaos. I like this channel but at some point you’re stoking the flames of anarchy. These are same kids that steal kias and flash mob rob stores. All that fatherless behavior starts right here. These kids need to have some dignity. You are wrong here.

  5. Watching from the UK 🇬🇧
    What the hell are cops doing at a graduation ceremony? My son graduated University 5 years ago, a joyful, wonderful occasion. Dozens of graduates, teachers and many hundreds of family members in attendance and not a single cop there to piss all over it.

  6. I'm with the cops on this one. This isn't your ooga booga jungle dance festival. I'd say the same thing if it was a bunch of hillbillies square dancing and playing the fiddle. It's not the time or the place. Pretend you have some class for ten minutes.

  7. The graduates 🎓 respected the stage! The cop just saw another person he could bully and go hands on with! No laws were broken… keep your hands to yourself! Unwanted touching is an assault! Why do 🦸🏾‍♂️🚔🚔 " into their feelings " take the fun out of everything!
    As a famous song says, "HEY, YOU! LEAVE THEM KID'S ALONE!"

  8. This is a ceremony, not a dance off. And next thing you know, a ceremony that should have taken a couple of hours, is turning into 6 hours. People have after parties, or lunch and dinner engagements, after the ceremony. One kid dances, the next kid HAS to do a bigger, better dance. It ruins the ceremonies for a lot of people, parents, and students. Parents go to see their child graduate, not a bunch of kids trying to start the next big dance craze. There's a time and a place. It's not a dance party, it's a graduation ceremony. Be respectful of EVERYONE at the ceremony. Don't make it all about yourself.

  9. The mentality of the person making the rule is hard to understand. What harm was there? A little joy at completing your goal is certainly understandable. And it broke up the monotony of just calling names as they stride across the stage to shake hands and get a quick picture while getting their diploma. To put LEO in the position of enforcing your stupid little rule is a horrible choice. There was obviously something wrong with the decision making skills of the admin anyway. Such pettiness.

  10. No, cops shouldn't be grabbing graduates. But if you all would do some research, you would find out that kids were trying to upstage their classmates with the most absurd dance, prolonging the ceremonies, and forcing families, and other students to have to sit through a ceremony that drags out HOURS longer than need be. It was messing with schedules for after graduation. One kid thinks he's got to do a bigger, better dance than that other kid. Next thing you know, a ceremony that should have taken a couple of hours, is taking 5 and 6 hours longer than it should. Do your dancing at an after party.

  11. I agree cops shouldn't be involved, but, I promise you a majority of the graduates were trying to up their classmate by putting on more of a spectacle than the classmate before them. It becomes unruly after awhile, and drags the ceremony out for hours longer then it should. Time and a place. Go do your dance at an after party. I get you're trying to be cutesy, James, but there's a time and a place.

  12. Makes perfect sense right. Stop kids from celebrating two major achievements. Graduating high school and graduating into adulthood.

    Nothing to celebrate or be ecstatic about. Just be a good little robot and follow orders.

  13. I remember this story when it came out. I love the fact that they were told no and celebrated this great moment anyway. We must stop producing sheep in our schools. New leaders are what we need, not sheep.GOOD FOR THESE FUTURE LEADERS. JUST SAY NO

  14. This is the exact problem of having cops in schools. The teachers and admin pass discipline off to the cops and the cops know how to handle any and all problems exactly one way, with force.

  15. Like a Warden reluctantly releasing prisoners who've served their time. Don't you dare dance out that door!! (Insert austen powers dance video music here..)

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