The Washington Commanders will never be the ‘Redskins’ again | Edge of Sports

A recent petition demanding the Washington Commanders return to the ignominious ‘Redskins’ name has garnered thousands of signatures. The franchise changed its name after years of pressure from activists and tribal nations. The belated backlash to the name change must be viewed in light of the reactionary politics roiling the US.

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27 thoughts on “The Washington Commanders will never be the ‘Redskins’ again | Edge of Sports

  1. Leave leftist identity politics out of sports. As a matter of fact just leave the identity politics all together. All woke does is separate people into categories instead of bringing them together.

  2. The owner says they are not going back. Well I will not be goong back down Arena Drive and spending thousand in my hard earned money. Coming from a 20 year season ticket holder that dropped his seats when they changed the name.

  3. Do you people not see this is a Mao-like Cultural Revolution going on in The West by The Left? It should anger you.

  4. The term ‘Redskin’ became a racist term, but it originally was the term used for a noble person willing to put their life on the line. (By the my source is news clip of a Native American stating that fact.)

  5. I'm half Native American Chippewa tribe if you go to the Southwest in New Mexico they love the Redskins name and don't give a s*** about the name but they love the team back in the day i saw a lot of RG3 jerseys

  6. You ever notice why black Americans were never offended by the Redskins name? Because we know, George Preston Marshall knew and the US government knows who the real American Indians are, us. We are aboriginal to this land, not native!!! 300,000 slaves brought to our land over 400 years is less than 800 humans a year, the math doesn’t add up. George Marshall had the mascot emblem shown on players helmets to accurately match what true American Indians look like. "Cooper-colored" people of America!!! 1828 Webster's Dictionary def. of an American. Read it. Black Seminole Nation stand up!!!✊🏾✊🏾✊🏿🪓🏹🪶

  7. The term Redskin was created by native Americans and was used to refer to leaders in battle, if you were a " redskin" in Native American culture it was a very high status and compliment. The fact that the team will not go back to anything related to Native American culture is what is truly racist, taking away a name and team that paid tribute and celebrated Native American culture, the only people mad about the name are white liberals who are un educated, and at this day in age people are too scared to face criticism from these racist white liberals which is truly heartbreaking to all Washington fans and Native Americans who used to be fans before the ripped the name away from the fans. Do some research and understand the name was created by the Blackfoot tribe and was not created as a racial slur, who would name something ( a school, a tea etc) with a derogatory meaning? Do some research on the term redskins and the logo, ( who is a real person not a mascot.) And keep signing that petition, ( created by a group of Native Americans in Oklahoma).

  8. As a native youth I always loved the name! The history shows that natives actually loved the name. The redskins referred to red war paint, not anything else

  9. I never saw it as a derogatory term a great reddish-tan is and was beautiful. what is odd is that the fans love the Redskins and want them to be champions of the sport it seems that some people go out of their way to be offended and their indignation carries the day. Now Warriors or Raiders and looters and pillagers those names for teams are just fine and dandy I never heard complaints about those.

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