The Things You Shouldn’t Say to a Cop

There are a lot of things you shouldn’t say to a cop. Here are a few of the more popular ones, shot in what I like to call the “Amiri King” style of video.

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47 thoughts on “The Things You Shouldn’t Say to a Cop

  1. I work in the hotel industry and my response to the "I'll have your job" crowd is "You don't want my job, I have to deal with people like you." The look of confusion as they slowly realize I just insulted them is always worth it.

  2. There's a youtube channel called Schrodinger's Cat that covers the sovcits. In his intro he's got someone who tells a cop "I paid for that car, I paid for that uniform, I'm a taxpayer." I really wish the officer had looked at him and asked him to produce a receipt.

  3. I think you hit the nail right on the head totally awesome the excuses these people try to come up with are ridiculous go Mike

  4. I'm the president 😅
    You pay me? I need a raise!
    Real crime starts with small thinks like this, so do we need to let you go? 😅 Just because it's small? 😅 Nice try!

  5. When it comes to encounters with the police, knowing your rights and responsibilities is key, as well as remaining calm and civil.
    Don't self incriminate, but don't be an azzhat.
    Be polite, even if (or especially if) it is not reciprocated.
    Don't shout, it raises your heart rate, and the adrenaline will help you make very dumb decisions you will likely regret later… in handcuffs.
    And don't lie. Leave that to the cops, who are allowed by statute to do so. It is far better to keep silent than to have to memorize which lies you have said and to keep the narrative straight.
    And if you think, even a little bit, that you may end up getting charged with a crime, don't speak without a lawyer's presence and advice.

    Corollary: Plea deals are for idiots, and people who KNOW that they will lose in court.

  6. Mike. I pay taxes. So i do pay your salary. In fact. Just buying from the store contributes to taxes. Its called a sales tax. You wrong.

  7. Counseling.
    A different job.
    Might help with your issues.
    Ask the counselor if other people have irritating issues in the job they do. If they deal with people is their more irritation. I presume I'm suppose to take this as your stand up routine. You just want to see how it goes for going on stage?

  8. Is the good mythical morning mug a play on thing I have a strong feeling it was…? Legit question though.

  9. Its obvious that cops don't know the law. Its called law school not police academy. Never plead guilty and always record them. When they record you its a known fact Cops edit evidence recorded. That why they hate to be recorded along with there reputation that get them killed. Retired officer

  10. I’m pretty sure ive seen you. Probably 6-7 years ago around Christmas a female cop pulled me over in Livonia and wanted to search my car because I had $200 cash on me around 10-11pm on my way to meet with some guy on Craigslist to buy an iPad. She offered me to sit in the cop car and wait for backup (you). I refused. And stood outside underdressed in below freezing temps for 30 minutes or so until you arrived. Once on scene she went on and searched my entire car and you stood there next to me. You were pretty quiet. The female cop didn’t find any drugs or whatever she was looking for. Except (this might ring a bell) an “Amazon purchased” 9-10inch long knife with brass knuckles as the handle. I was in a 02’ monte carlo ss. Had some chick in the front seat. Im really curious if that was you… Anyway the female cop told me that brass knuckle knife was a felony charge, yet she put it back in my trunk and said to get rid of it when I get home. Honestly I had no idea it was a felony. My mind set was “I bought this cheesy thing for like $20 on Amazon because it looked cool.” I’m just wondering if that cop was you… location was “around” Merriman and cherry hill.

  11. Mike there was a supreme couture case traveler v driver
    I am curious if you’ve heard of it since you brought up the argument that was made in it

  12. I did have a shirt with that phrase on it, and I got caught wearing it by a few cops, fortunately they all had a good sense of humor.

  13. Why would you say anything to a cop? Just follow the orders given, take your ticket and go about your business. Do you argue with a vending machine? Do you try to reason with an automatic message? Treat cops the same way and the interaction will be over quicker.

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