The sgt had a question for me

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Skirts on the Beat with LaurasharkCW & Ida Foxy queen (, the first and only female cop watch team

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42 thoughts on “The sgt had a question for me

  1. Maybe the cop said something smart further into the video but right from the start I feel compelled to explain there are more important things than a person losing his job. Laura might just save a persons life because cops know she is there recording and police prefer to kill shoot attack and frame folks in private. If she isn't on scene recording, my guess is a so called employee isn't likely to be showing up to work at all so any worries about losing a job is a moot point.
    Her being present might be the only reason an employer ever sees an employee alive or free. An employer might have otherwise thought police weren't liars if not for some of the videos proving that to be a fact.. Now I know that is a tough comment to swallow and I just painted a whole profession with a broad brush but sometimes a simple conversation just needs a little honesty. Everybody is better off with Laura present except for Laura. She might have had other things she'd rather do. But it isn't likely that the police, or the hypothetical employer or employee will be doing Laura's job for her now is it? What Laura is doing is important beyond what she will ever get credit for. And there will never be a point in time when a suspect, witness, cop or anybody lifts a finger to do anything other than try to discourage her from doing what she does. I hate to put that burden on her and claim this is now her job but it appears she has signed up and has every intention of doing the job. I suggest police get used to it.

  2. I think he holds a valid point and you should consider blurring their face. Your sitting on YouTube profiting off other people's incounters with the police. Blur their face at the very least

  3. Laura you are increadable a very brave and good person thank you for videoing cops I hope you do well in your endeavors

  4. maybe they should be more careful about who they fuck with. laura is there to make sure these cops dont abuse or murder some innocent person. Cops are more likely to do that shit when no one is around to make them behave. Laura is more of a public servant than any fucking badge toting bastard. Keep up the good work.

  5. Hay Laura love your work. Just wanted to let you know YouTube had unsubscribed you from my feed and many others that do the same videos. Keep up that great work.

  6. Blurring defeats the " you cannot trespass my eyes" premise. To the LEO, if you are so concerned, you see a camera, keep the person(s) out of view or block view. This CONCERN for "privacy" is on YOU.

  7. Great vedio LS.
    I so enjoy when PO talk with you and throw their selfs under the bus. I do hope this guy is ok.
    Be well blessed and always safe

  8. Police do not care about your health and safety. They care about "going home at night" and that's why they shoot unarmed people.

  9. I agree Laura that was really strange about the fire 🔥 strange neither cop or the guy would tell what truly happen there? 👮🎥💜👍✌great job girl please remember to be careful driving home👈.☺

  10. I think Tom Zebra and LauraShark are going to be if not already the godfather and godmother of cop watching. I started my new channel and I have to admit I learned a lot of vital information that helps me in my life and my new channel love their work please keep those videos coming as a lot of us look forward to them . thank you and have a great night. from your virtual friend who cares : dannyboy 777 aka: Seeking Justice News

  11. It's amazing that all of you low intelligence cop watchers liken yourselves to be experts on police procedures and the law. All one has to do is listen to your commentary and it becomes clear that you have an anti-cop agenda. I don't know why any officer would even talk to you since you never fail to criticize and belittle them.

  12. He has a point; innocent until proven guilty, and all that goes with it. On the same hand, my small town newspaper posts the names of people arrested for everything from DUI to murder (before an indictment even). I strongly disagree with them, too. It's a serious journalistic question.

    I suppose, as long as they choose to speak to you, then it would seem ok. I know the courts say, "No expectation of privacy in a public space," but he has a point, too.

  13. These assholes don’t give two shits to stand people there in handcuffs, in full public view, and remove their shoes and scour through their vehicles like they’re doing something wrong…all in the name of fishing for something to ruin their lives with.

    Suddenly, they’re concerned about people losing their jobs because of an innocent person being filmed interacting with them…sounds to me like the solution would be to stop jamming up innocent people.

  14. Hypotheticals, do not give up much of your time pondering hypotheticals. If there is someone out there that has suffered in some way after appearing in "one of these videos" let's look at how it actually went for you.

  15. So it's your job to clean up the videos of pigs handcuffing and curb sitting anyone and everyone that will allow their rights to be violated, but the pig wants them to keep paying taxes so he still gets his pay increases – there is so much wrong with here that I don't know where to start.

  16. When they give you a Uniform and bars on the collar, and you tell the Sgt to cuff n stuff someone, then it's on you for responsibility.
    But it was asinine for blame to be directed at you. That was PBS.

  17. They don't have any expectation of privacy in public , you don't need to blur out their faces. And if there innocent , why are the cops stopping innocent people ?

  18. When he asked that, my first thought was, "why are you constantly harassing and detaining people who've done nothing?"
    He is all concerned about them being in videos? Maybe he should just stop going against our laws.

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