The race for the White House was close because America loves racism

American voters doubled down in 2020 on white supremacy ruling from the White House. We talk to political consultant Adriel Hampton and Local Judge of Elections Bob Stewart about why the election was so close and whether the Democratic Party’s insistence on courting right-leaning white voters instead of leftist voters was the right strategy.

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Author: phillyfinest369


20 thoughts on “The race for the White House was close because America loves racism

  1. Yes indeed!! Whenever someone is an under-achiever, who is not smart can put others down to make himself feel better…..that type of jealousy and arrogance will always exist… Also evidently the women are jealous of “AOC” and the men want to date her. Every word from their mouths is about her..I think the men have a little crush on her. Instead of getting together some legislation worthy of listening to, they resort to angry tweeting …very juvenile

  2. Haha. There is a Biden crime family. I guess they need to switch to being republicans for you to believe any kind of evidence.

    Question is how long will you mock people that believe it. How long will you believe there is racism when there isn't? That's racism, no it is just exercise equipment hanging on a tree that a black man uses! That's racism, or a garage door pull down. That's white supremacists, or Jussie Smolet looking for attention. I know you are in that camp as soon as I read the heading. I'm not saying there aren't people that are racist. I'm saying you see racism more often than not where there is none. Need to recalibrate or you will never be happy and you will piss off everyone that you decide to call racist just because they disagree with you. I guess that is the path Joe Biden has decided and you are black, but people that challenge your holy devine beliefs are not. You know being called a racist is offensive, especially to someone that doesn't like racism, right? But whatever, your ego is too wrapped up into confirmation bias. I bet you call Thomas Sowell a racial slur because he doesn't agree with you. Or maybe you don't even know who he is. You might consider that being anti-illegal immigration is not racist at all. You might consider that people that believe in smaller government intervention aren't racist, but people with different philosophies of government. You might consider that equal outcome is not the ONLY proof of equality. You might consider that calling anything and everything racist that isn't pandering to minorities is actually really destructive to minority cultures because they become rewarded for giving excuses using the race car, which is very effective in a country desperately trying to atone.. How about realizing that allowing people to discuss things and disagree without being called racist is actually the only way forward to common goals. I consider your rhetoric a serious roadblock or an obstacle that we need to overcome to achieve further progress. I'm hopeful that we will though. Trump still getting more black voters despite how hard you and your camp try to gaslight is a hope.

    I was looking into "the real news network" to see if I wanted to follow it. The fact this heading even made it past the editor or web producer made me realize this isn't a serious news source. This is polarizing clickbait. Not very effective either. Only 6000 views.

    edit.. I continued to watch and I do appreciate Bob giving a real background of election fraud very calmly and matter of factly and Kim's face really revealed that she didn't like hearing about it. Confirmation bias. Look it up Kim. Recognize it when you can in yourself and it will set you free. We all have it, but recognizing that you have it really helps achieve more humility and humility is a powerful thing for recognizing truth and wisdom.

  3. I hate this title. That is just as bad as deplorables. Th he propaganda is racist because that’s what the donor class has always done – divide distract deny and delay. They can’t actually say they are anti working class, can they? And the owner class has vilified unions and used almost the same tactics on the unions. Think about McCarthyism.

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  5. I'm not American but i'm follow sometimes American politics. If you vote based on racism they are truly racist, difference only how to speak racism. Trump more megalomaniac , very harsh and arrogant attitude, Biden more soft racism using policy crime bill and current 2020 blunder say "you vote Trump and you ain't black". 2020 election Americans vote not good quality leaders. But unfortunately not just leader but also people still think binary make candidate more like God save Americans and another candidate is satan.

  6. The reason why Trump is so popular is because Pennsylvania has been kept hostage by the currupt politicians for years!! FYI you breed the Hate and Racism yourself! Please!! Listen to Bob and close your big racist hateful mouth!

  7. since current rulers are dictator rich people, many people probably see dictator donald as just more of the same and my guess is the american empire is on the way down and will probably see more dictators similar to caligula, nero, etc.

  8. Great talk, the fatal flaw in your plan exposed, as with so many progressive movements, came when he reminds us 2022 is coming; implying a continuation of the progressive sweep. That may come, but you keep forgetting climate catastrophes are exponentially accelerating. By 2022 we'll be toast.

    A more realistic and prudent path would be to indict&remand to custody & recall&replace every single member of congress who fails, thus threatening us all with extinction. Simple;

    1. Citizens form grand juries & indict corrupt, crazy&clueless politicians.
    2. Citizens recall&replace every D.A. & A.G. who refuses to prosecute.
    Breonna is a classic case where this would solve that.

    Until you hold the corrupt, crazy&clueless legally accountable they'll ALL continue behaving badly.

    WHEN you form citizen grand juries across the nation and demand prosecution AND rapidly recall&replace starting with local D.A.'s & state A.G's THEN they'll get the message.

    And right about the time a 5th member of congress faces the wrath of such a national movement…

    …you could have congress on it's knees in under 90 days with this technique

    …&a White House veto would be useless toilet paper.

  9. I see this network is completely out to lunch. This video is practically TYT territory. I remember when you were mildly useful during the Bush era, too bad. Must be that sweet sweet foundation $$$.

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